Summer HVAC Maintenance Tips and Tune-Ups

Installing an HVAC system in your house is a great thing. It keeps your house warm in the winters and cool during the summers. When the weather is pleasant and nice, we hardly think about the HVAC system. But you might not know that these are the optimal times when the HVAC system should be inspected and maintained. There are many companies that offer HVAC repair in Dedham along with servicing and maintenance. Without proper servicing and maintenance, there are chances that the system will malfunction and will require air conditioning repair or even replacement in the worst cases.

Mentioned below are a few steps for HVAC maintenance and tune-ups for the summer months:

Maintenance of the Outdoor Unit

  • Clean the Debris–During winter, when the AC compressor does not operate, there are increased chances for dirt and debris to accumulate in the compressor or the exterior framework of the outdoor unit. Use a hand vacuum or a heavy-duty degreaser for clearing the waste stuck in the unit. To clear debris from the interior of the frame, gently use a screwdriver. Trim any vegetation growing nearby to increase air circulation.
  • Clean or Replace Air Filters –Having a clean air filter is imperative for the proper functioning of the HVAC system. Depending on the HVAC system, the air filters can either be cleaned or replaced. Carefully follow instructions of the manufacturer for each type of filter.
  • Unit Panel Inspection–Outside units bear the brunt of nature’s forces directly on them. The electrical components are inside the unit. All the sides of the unit should be checked to make sure that the panels are intact. If something is amiss with the panel or if there are problems in the electrical components, professional assistance should be sought immediately.
  • Pipe Insulation Should Be Checked–The conduit pipe connecting the indoor and outdoor unit is essential and should be properly insulated for maximizing energy efficiency. In case the insulation is disintegrated or thin, repair or replace the same with suitable materials.

Maintenance of the Indoor Unit

  • Inspect the Drainage Line–Over time, mold and algae may build-up in the drainage line, impeding proper drainage of water. Clean the drainage line regularly, preferably using a vacuum to remove and clean any build-up that might have taken place.
  • The Evaporator Coil Should Be Cleaned –The evaporator coil needs regular cleaning with a soft brush to remove dust from the area. Next, apply commercial soil cleaner following product instructions. The drain pan should also be cleaned with soap and water, and some soap and water solution should be rinsed down the drain for cleaning.
  • Changing Air Filters–Like the outdoor unit, the indoor unit contains air filters as well. These need to be cleaned and replaced as necessary. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions in this regard. Anyone seeking air conditioning repair and maintenance should start with this procedure.

Once all these steps are done, it is time to test the unit and see if everything is working well. Startup the system and check for proper cooling. If you are not confident handling the unit on your own, contact a company offering HVAC repair, servicing, and maintenance in Dedham. Contact Sinclaire Home Services today for reliable HVAC services. Call us at (508) 668-8200 today.

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