Major Sewer Problems and Their Repair and Replacement Services

Sewer lines are composed of all plumbing fixtures, drains, and pipes. poor maintenance and use of these systems lead to sewer line problems. The main sewer may finally end up spoilt and clogged such that it requires sewer repair services or replacement. Preventing sewer line blockage is important to avoid worst cases and slow working systems.

Some signs that help to determine if a sewer requires repair and replacement i.e.

Pipe damages

Broken or damaged pipes cannot drain sewage properly hence there is no continuous flow of sewage from the drains. The sewages can be damaged by corrosion of the sewer pipes hence their breakdown, leakages at different broken pipes hence releasing some sewage and water to the surrounding of the pipes and soil shifting, sinking and increased traffic or heavy construction activities in the area near a sewer. Broken pipes can be fixed by replacing the old pipe with a new one from the inside after cleaning the old pipe’s pathway. Secondly, it can be done by pulling a line of new pipe through the old one using a hydraulic. This breaks down the older pipe while gradually replacing it. Breakages can also be solved by preventing them from happening by ensuring frequent inspections and maintenance services such as cleaning the pipes and clearing the drains.

Sagging sewer lines

This is the sinking of a part of the sewer pipe into the ground therefore waste collects at that particular point and prevents the flow of water and sewage.

Tree roots infiltration

Some materials when used as sewer pipes are porous to tree roots hence, they grow into the sewer pipes. The roots scavenge for areas with water and infiltrate into the pipes. As the roots continue to grow bigger, they make the pipe to be broken.

Flashed debris down the toilet

Some materials and substances should not be thrown and flushed down the toilet drain. Some of them do not get drained hence clog and block the passage of waste and water down the drain when flushing the toilet. The water instead drains off slowly or fills up the toilet.

Pouring grease down the drains

Grease fats and oils always solidify when poured down the drain causing clogging. Pouring hot water while pouring oil down the drain does not help to prevent it from cooling and solidifying as it continues to flow down the pipes. Solid fats and grease harden and stick on the pipe passage preventing the flow of wastewater down the drain.

Warning signs there is a need for sewer repair services include:

  • Sour smells around a home
  • Gurgling sounds in the toilets and drains.
  • The toilets, sinks, and tubs have a similar problem at the same time.
  • Tree roots growing up to near the sewer lines.
  • Drainage at the cleanout
  • Frequent breakups in the drains
  • Changes in the lawn plants and grass growing near the sewer lines.

Sewer lines require repair and replacement services when there is a problem and they should be done by a qualified expert. Some of the repair and replacement options used to fix sewer issues include.

Video inspection

There are sewer inspection tools that have a camera attached to them. The camera helps the plumber to identify the exact part of the sewer line that has issues. This enables them to repair the problem faster and the process will be less costly. The camera transmits images of the sewer system to a device that is directed and controlled by the plumber. There is also a radio transmitter that indicates the exact position of the sewer line and to what depth the problem is located. Once the place with problems has been identified the next process involves its repair or replacement according to its conditions.

Traditional sewer line repair and replacement

This method involves the digging of trenches around the line along where the problem is to access the pipe quickly. A black hole is used to refill the area once the problem has been fixed. The process of having to dig up everywhere is very time consuming and more time is even used to fill up the dug trenches once more. This process requires many plumbers hence is an expensive method and needs bulky equipment. Lastly, it also damages the lawns and outdoor surroundings of the house.

Trenchless sewer line repair method

This involved making a small access hole on the pipe area with clogging or a problem. A new pipe is passed through the old pipe which in turn breaks and is replaced with the new pipe simultaneously. This method does not involve digging up the area hence does not destroy the house’s outdoor space. This method requires the input of very few technicians hence less costly.

The benefits of the trenchless method of repair and replacement include.

  1. It is an innovative technology that requires less time and is more convenient in fixing sewer issues.
  2. This method is more affordable since there is no trench digging involved and very little labour is needed.
  3. It causes fewer damages to the surrounding compared to the traditional method and the lawn does not need much replacement and restoration at the end of the process.
  4. This method is environmentally friendly since it involves the employment of advanced tools and techniques without ecological damages such as digging up large lands and disturbing many plant growth.

Sewer lines repair is important because:

  1. It helps to stop any slow drains due to clogging that may cause complete blockage of the draining system. Slow drains make water accumulate for some time before flowing off and it may be dangerous in that it attracts pests. Sewer repair ensures that the water flows off freely and drains off fast.
  2. Sewer problems cause sour and bad smells in the home compound either from the bathrooms or the pipes outside. Sewer clogging also means that water will accumulate in most places like the toilets, tubs, and sinks resulting in irritating smells. Repairing the sewer lines helps to ensure all wastewater drains off and no smells within the house.
  3. The wastewater and sewage traveling through sewer lines are toxic and may be hazardous to human health. Blockage in the draining lines may lead to mixing of water hence health risks exposures such as bacteria, fungi, parasites, and diseases.
  4. Prevents wet yards due to leakages from the pipe causing a mess. The leakages are also toxic and may have very bad odours.
  5. Immediate repairs on damaged sewer systems ensure that there will be no further complications and expensive repairs in the future. Clogging of sewer becomes worse when not dealt with and repair and replacement services are less costly at the initial stages.

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