How to Organize Garage for Creating More Space

Your garage is not only for your car. Let’s transform it into a spacious storage place.

Is it messy and bothering you for long? Are you planning to organize it to make it more spacious? You have come to the right place. This article will give you some brilliant tips on how to get more space in your home garage.

You might have been ignoring this part of your home, but trust me, it is very useful if you are concerned about dumping some extra stuff. Even if it is small and looks cramped with many things spread all over, the hacks below could help you keep it organized. Next time you are looking for home renovations in NYC, do not forget to try these ideas.

So, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and jump in your garage!

Utilize the Vertical Space by Installing Cabinets and Shelves

Most garages have a lot of vertical space that mostly goes wasted. Utilizing this space is a good idea because we have loads of stuff waiting to find a room somewhere. You can make use of this space by installing cabinets and wall shelves in your garage. It will help you get your garage free of the boxes you have been using for long to store stuff.

In addition to this, there are many other products available in the market that you can use for hanging things vertically. For example, a hanging broom organizer is in trend these days.

Increase the Storage Capacity of Garage with Wire Shelving

You must have seen wired baskets of different sizes in the market. How about installing them on your garage walls to throw in small stuff like papers, tools, and other clutter lying on the floor. Moreover, you can use these storage racks to hang some stuff with hooks or even for hanging planters to give your garage a refreshing tinge of green.

This is an easy DIY hack to increase your garage space. All you need is some baskets depending upon the size of your garage, a drill machine, hammer, and hooks and nails. For more information on garage storage head over to Pinnacle Hardware.

Ceiling Storage will Help You Have More Space

If you are a well-organized person and have already utilized all the walls in your garage but still find a lot of stuff cluttered everywhere, I have got a brilliant idea for you. Why not make full use of the ceiling? Many hacks will help you utilize the ceiling for increasing your garage’s storage capacity.

You can use light ceiling mounted racks for this purpose. Make sure they are fixed with sturdy nuts to avoid any accidents. And do not put heavy stuff in those racks.

Use Pegboards or Magnetic Boards to Organize Light Weighed Small Stuff

Keys, wires, scissors, and other such stuff give you a tough time when you need them urgently but couldn’t find them because you forgot where you placed them the last time. Using pegboards or magnetic boards can help you get rid of this problem that I know you have to face very frequently. You do not need many of them. Only one can help you hang a lot of stuff on it. Congratulations! No more lost keys.

You can also keep your letters or other paper stuff safe by hanging them with clips on a pegboard. Furthermore, small pen holders can also be used on them.

Make A Dedicated Workspace in Your Garage

If you or your family habitually uses the garage as a workplace, you must know how messy it gets after each sitting. Therefore, it is recommended that you select your favorite corner and organize it to make it a dedicated workplace for all of you.

You can use a folding table and bench in this area. Using foldable furniture will let you use this space to keep some stuff when nobody is using it.

Wrapping Up

I hope my ideas will help you get the most out of the space in your garage. These tips are simple to follow, and you can easily find the required equipment in the market. And the good news is that you do not need to hire someone to make these changes. All you need is to put in some commitment and effort.

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