Top 5 carpets related mistakes that can ruin your enchanting décor

Designed the best rooms, have chosen luxurious furniture, and painted the walls with perfection and still find something wrong in your décor? Let us a glance at your floor now! You probably went for the carpets and spent a large chunk in installing the same But it did blunders rather than doing wonders for your interior beauty Something really went wrong in your carpet selection and installing

Ø Where did you go wrong with your carpets?

If you are feeling depressed that your carpet is stealing the beauty of your home, don’t worry, you are not alone in this journey! There are hundreds of cases wherein an extremely lavishly designed home was put off because of wrong carpet selection or improper installation of the same That’s why we thought of putting down those common mistakes here so that you can avoid them the next time you choose and install carpets in London from CleverCarpets They have got the best and varied carpet solutions for your home to opt from!

1 Not considering your family’s lifestyle— Picking up a carpet for your home shouldn’t be a random affair! It’s a thoughtful process of considering all the essential factors including your lifestyle Like, some types of carpets, like the nylon carpet is the most suitable for homes with kids and pets and constant traffic! But if you are choosing any other type for your home, then obviously you are making a drastic mistake in choosing it Infact, in just a few months or a year you’ll realise this mistake and understand that this carpet was a wrong selection for your home! And since it gets damaged so rapidly due to high traffic, it hits your décor pretty badly!

2 Falling for advertising gimmicks — It’s not necessary that the product that looked awesome in the advertisements is going to suit your interior décor too! The carpet that is portrayed in the advertisement wouldn’t possibly match your furniture and colour and will ruin the perfect look of your home décor!

3 Picking the cheapest option — No wonder you are spoilt for choices when you go to buy a carpet for your home And these are available in a huge price range Mostly you are tempted to pick the cheapest from the stock But the quality of it may turn out bad and it won’t even properly match the top-notch home decoration of yours This is definitely making your home appear weird.

4 Bringing too loud design or colour at home — When everything around is subtle or even bright, never pick your carpets in too dark or loud shades or designs It will throw back the home’s look instantly and no matter if the patterns are enticing, it will always look overdone.

5 Calling non reliable installation service — Just purchasing good quality, nice coloured carpets isn’t enough! If you aren’t installing it by experts, these carpets are surely going to look weird and untidy in your house.

For a perfect home décor everything should complement each other and look enticing together! Even a single factor going wrong here can make matters worse And we know carpets are such an essential part of your décor Never ever keep a chance for mistakes here!

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