How to Select the Right Stone Flooring Option for Your New Home

If you’re considering renovating your home, then the question of what kind of tiles to use might have crept on you. Stone flooring is versatile and takes your home décor to the next level. It is also long-lasting, earthy, and easy to maintain.

What’s more, if you’re moving out soon and want your housing value to increase, tiles may add up the vibe you’re going for, like a rustic appearance or a modern home. Buyers tend to avoid places with carpeted floors and laminate that looks cheap since it makes your house look unclean.

Stone flooring is, of course, in demand since it is durable and easy to clean.

The carpet or hardwood option is not as damage resistant as a tiled floor is. You can easily clean the stone tile floor with any Vacuum Tile cleaner. Visit to buy the best tile floor cleaner for you.

Here is how you can select the right flooring option for you:

Choose a Tile-based on Your Lifestyle

If you have toddlers or babies around, spillage would be a regular thing for you. Most houses undergo some damage or the other when it comes to flooring, which is why you should go for a material or flooring tile, that can withstand the rough and tough lifestyle you’re putting it through.

You Would Want the Tiling to Match Your Home Décor

Choosing floors that fit the style of your rooms, is as essential as your kitchen and bathroom floors, where you’ll have to use non-spillage tiles. Why not choose a flooring tile that matches your home’s appeal and look, whether it’s rustic or modern? Look around and see if the tiles you’ve chosen matches the décor of your place or that tiles could be mundane so that your room décor can be the star of the show!

Look for Tiles That Can be Easily Cleaned

Be it spillage or dirt that your children or puppy has brought in, you would want flooring that can be easily cleaned. To minimize the time you have to spend on cleaning the flooring, try to purchase a non-porous tile.

Judge the Porosity of the Tile You are Going to Install

Tiles can be non-vitreous (such as sandstone tiles), which means they stain easily; semi-vitreous and vitreous (limestone and travertine tiles) tiles that also stain easily. However, impervious tiles are best for environments where heavy spillage of material can happen a lot, such as your bathroom or kitchen.

See the Grade of the Tile

When you go through the tile section of a hardware store, you might get lost in the grading system some manufacturers tend to use. The grading system usually represents the overall structure of tiles, such as shape and size.

And most grading systems have three levels of quality.

  • Grade 1: High-quality material that is uniform throughout
  • Grade 2: Made out of material that is somehow damaging to a lower extent
  • Grade 3: Material has major defects and can only be used as accent pieces

Friction and Why Do You Need to Consider It?

The coefficient of friction mentioned on a tile determines how slippery those tiles will be. The higher is the coefficient of friction, the more traction it will have. If you’re considering putting tiles in your kitchen or bathroom, you need to consider buying a tile with a higher coefficient of friction.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Flooring Tiles

Some natural stone tiles go better with your home décor or your outdoor décor. Now when it comes to natural stone floors, there are some factors you need to consider before you place them in your garden:

  • Please don’t choose a non-vitreous material since it will stain with dirt or other material while kept outside.
  • Buy a tile that can withstand friction as you would do for slides being placed in your kitchen or bathroom.
  • Natural stone can oxidize over time, and hence you need to take care of that as well when you’re buying tiles for outdoor use.

Find Something That Falls Under Your Budget

After all of your research into buying the perfect slide for you, you have to consider your home renovation budget. Stone floors look enticing, yet when it comes to your overall budget, you’ll need to factor in the additional cost of laying these stone floors in your home.

Based on all these options, you should now be able to make an informed decision when it comes to tiling your floors. You can even mix and match the tiles according to your home décor.

Tiles could be chosen based on your budget as well, which is a feature that plays a role later when everything boils down to the cost you are ready to pay for the installation and future maintenance.

Learn more about different types of flooring that can enhance the beauty of your beloved home, on this website:

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