How effective is it to make Applied Mathematics optional for CBSE Class 11 and 12 students?

CBSE is going to bring Applied Mathematics for Class 11th and 12th. This is going to be effective for the schools under CBSE from the academic session of 2020-2021. At present, CBSE offers mathematics in two levels: ‘basic’ and ‘standard.’ Basic is comparatively easier, and the standard is tougher. Basic is for the students who won’t study Mathematics after 10th standard, and ‘Standard’ is meant for those interested in continuing with the subject.

It means that for the upcoming session, higher class students are going to select between ‘Mathematics’ and ‘Applied Mathematics.’ To be specific about CBSE Class 12 Applied Mathematics, it will be for those having social sciences in Class 11th. Be it about CBSE Class 11 Applied Mathematics or 12th; it will involve more practical application.

To make the subject more interesting

The purpose behind such a strategy is to make the subject interesting for those who don’t find it such. Also, this strategy is meant to make the subject relevant to those who are not interested in core Mathematics. It means the CBSE Class 11 Applied Mathematics, and 12th is for those who want Mathematics for business, data calculation, etc. This is a smart move that can help those studying subjects Economics, Commerce, etc. Applied Mathematics can be effective for fulfilling the Mathematics part of these subjects.

To be effective for other subjects as well

Earlier Mathematics syllabus was working fine for subjects based on Science. It was not meeting well with commerce based subjects. It was not even working well with social science subjects. Things were certainly problematic while pursuing University level studies.

With another optional subject in the form of Applied Mathematics, it looks more systematic. This study pattern can provide strong Mathematics skills for greater help in Physical science subjects. The prime aim behind introducing such an optional subject is to provide a concrete knowledge of statistical tools.

It can be useful for learning mathematical applications in business and financial studies. Those studying economics can find it relevant as well. Above all, it can make Mathematics look more effective in addressing practical issues. To be specific, the application of graphical representations and algebras is going to be clearer than ever.

Making it more application-oriented

This strategic move for class 11 and CBSE Class 12 Applied Mathematicswill make data interpretation way simpler. It can enhance the data analysis skill of the students as well. Moreover, experts suggest applying this strategy for all subjects. For the moment, three prime subjects are in focus to give the above model. The best part about the model is that a student can have greater clarity about his/her future. It means those who want to study Mathematics at the university level may opt for the subject, not otherwise. This can help those who want to pursue engineering studies as well.

All in all, this strategy is going to make Mathematics more interesting for the students. In other words, those having a keen interest in the subject will get greater help.

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