Things to know before conducting online exams

If you are planning to conduct online exams for your colleges or company, you need to understand the things mentioned in this article. This will help you to conduct online tests in an effective manner that is free of any cheating. In this way, you will be able to select the best candidates for your company and ensure that genuine students get the right recognition through such tests. There is no need to worry about the number of candidates who will be taking the online tests as the software program that is used to conduct such tests can handle any number of candidates at once.

It does not matter how many candidates take the exam at once when you go the online way. The proctored exam can also be accessed by your team at a later stage as everything is recorded during the online exam session. In this manner, it becomes easy to assess the eligibility of each candidate in a detailed manner. There are no loopholes in the system as it uses sophisticated algorithms to track every move of the candidate.

Online exams can be monitored completely

You will be glad to know that online exams can now be completely monitored with the help of sophisticated software. It allows you to monitor the activity of each candidate through the webcam. Your invigilators can directly see and even interact with each candidate as and when required during the exam. Not only that, the entire session is recorded so that you can review it later if needed for any reason.

The monitoring can be done on a real-time basis by having an invigilator monitor a group of students or a single student taking the exam. This depends entirely on your needs and available resources. It is suitable when you do not have a large number of students taking the online examination. To find out more about how the invigilator app keeps an eye on you, visit this website:

On the other hand, when you have to deal with a large number of students at once, you can choose the automated software-based monitoring system that will use advanced artificial intelligence methods to identify the behavior of the students. In this way, it can easily alert you when any suspicious activity is found during the online exams.

Properly monitored online exams are better than conventional exams

When the exams are properly monitored in this manner using advanced software, they are much better than conventional exams. In the online exam concept, students get to attend the exams from the comfort of their own location, and this means that they save a lot of time and effort put into travelling to the examination center. It allows students from remote locations also to attend such exams. Apart from that, you will also benefit a lot by organizing online exams as you need not worry about arranging all the necessary resources like computers and other tools for the exams.

It is cost-effective in the long run

As the companies conducting online interviews and universities conducting online tests need not provide the computers and other equipment to students taking the online tests, there is no need to set up a separate infrastructure for this purpose. Apart from that, you need not allocate separate space to conduct the exams at your premises as the online exams enable students to take the exam from their own location. Considering all these factors, it is cost-effective in the long run.

Advanced software can detect malpractice during online exams

The proctoring software used during online exams can easily detect various instances of malpractice. It is highly advanced as it can even give good insights about the approach taken by candidates towards solving the problems. The software can analyze what tools are used by the candidates while taking the exam and also block browser access to other websites and online resources during the exam. In this way, it can easily detect any attempt by the candidates to breach the rules and inform the authorities immediately about the situation.

Online exams are suitable for exams of any scale

The best part about conducting online exams is that you can scale it to any level without any hassles. To begin with, it removes the restrictions of geographical borders, and you can have students from many countries take the exam at once. There is no limit to the number of candidates who can take the online test. The service providers will alter the program to suit your requirements. This is especially beneficial for companies who want to conduct online interviews on a large scale, and they need not worry about the number of candidates participating in online tests.

Online exams can be recorded for later review

Yet another advantage of online tests is that you get to learn a lot from such online sessions. The entire session can be recorded for later review, and this is especially beneficial for companies to train their future HR team about conducting online interviews. If any instances of malpractice are found, it will be recorded, and you can train the other members of your HR team to identify such methods in the future. In this way, if you have made any mistakes, you have a chance to learn from them, and this can reduce your training period by some margin.

Best way to assess the skills of candidates

By way of online exams, you can easily assess the different skills of the candidates. It is easy to see how they approach the problem as this data will be recorded in the software. In a real world situation, you can see students arriving at the answer directly, and you will have no idea about what method they used to arrive at that particular solution. However, when it comes to online tests, the approach to problem-solving is identified by the software. This is essential when it comes to identifying the programming skills or other technical skills of the candidates. In this manner, you can choose the best among the lot.

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