How To Use A Micro-CPAP Device For Sleep Apnea

When you struggle with sleep apnea, it can be easy to become desperate to restore your quality of sleep and feel rested each day. Although there are many products available for treating sleep disorders, the new micro-CPAP device has made headlines due to its innovative design after it was invented in 2014. There are a few ways to use the device to determine if you can benefit from it while attempting to improve your quality of sleep.

A Hoseless and Maskless Design

One of the main reasons that the micro-CPAP machines have been highly anticipated is due to the innovative design that offers a high level of convenience. Micro-CPAP devices are designed to be hoseless and maskless, which offers a higher level of convenience while sleeping at night, according to Very Well Health. You don’t have to worry about feeling the weight of the different parts, which can make it challenging to fall asleep at night and lay in a comfortable position. The new device doesn’t include any straps that have to be secured on the head and also operates silently.

With a small size, the micro-CPAP machine is only two inches in length, making it ideal for taking on the go or traveling with those who want more freedom with taking it with them. Experts also say that it weighs less than one pound, which makes it convenient to transport and keep with you at all times for added convenience.

Disposable Materials

Experts say that the micro-CPAP machine is designed to be disposable after using it each night, which means that users don’t have to worry about cleaning any of the parts compared to the traditional CPAP device. The device is powered by a battery and is convenient to throw away. This allows the user to save a lot of time with maintaining the machine and doesn’t require bringing cleaning tools and materials along while traveling.

The seamless design of the micro-CPAP device also prevents it from developing a lot of bacteria as it’s in use. This can make it safer to use and can protect the individual’s well-being without the risk of infections. It can be stored in a case when it’s not in use to protect the parts from having contact with germs and bacteria.

A Small Mask Design

The small and compact shape of the micro-CPAP device makes it easy to take on the go and can even make it convenient to store in your pocket when it’s not in use. As an alternative to a CPAP machine, the small mask is designed to fit up your nose before you power it. It sits comfortably in the nose and doesn’t cover any other parts of the face. Once you turn the device on, it immediately starts pumping air into the nose and is designed to work similarly to a traditional CPAP machine to prevent snoring.

The simple and lightweight design of the product can assist individuals who find the traditional machine uncomfortable and bulky to use. Many people discontinue their use of the CPAP machine one to three weeks after they receive it, which makes the micro-CPAP device revolutionary for those who have run out of options.

Although some people are skeptical about the innovative design of the product, many healthcare professionals are recommending it to individuals who haven’t found success with traditional methods for treating sleep apnea.

Adjust the Pressure Settings

According to Sleep Foundation, CPAP devices have pressure settings that range from 4 to 20 cm H2O. Your doctor will determine the correct pressure setting after prescribing the device, which is based on the water pressure. Once it’s adjusted to the correct pressure setting, it’ll open up the airways and prevent you from snoring throughout the night to ensure you can enjoy uninterrupted sleep. The airway will open by at least five to six centimeters.

Understanding how to use a micro-CPAP device can allow you to learn about the high level of convenience it offers and determine if you can benefit from it if you haven’t had any success with a traditional CPAP device. The advanced and innovative operation of the product can accommodate adults with sleep apnea who are looking for a more comfortable way of sleeping.

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