Is the Van Life Right for You?

Have you seen those influencers living life in a van and thought “I could do that”? Van life is a big adventure and offers the opportunity to travel widely, pay less, and be on the move whenever you want. But it also comes with a lot of challenges.

You might not see the down days or struggles from a social media account, so it can be tricky to know if the lifestyle will work for you. Before you run out and buy a van, or dismiss the idea altogether, consider these factors first.

What’s Your Plan?

One of the first things to consider about living in a van is your plan. Are you hoping to live in it for part of the year? Or will this be your full-time home? And how much money are you able to put toward a van?

There are a lot of vans, as you can see here, and choosing one depends on the lifestyle you want to live. Living in a van can save a lot of money, but you also have to put money upfront for fixing it up and making it livable, to begin with.

While van life allows for a lot of impulsivity, you do need to know a little about your plans before you jump in. How will you make money while living in a van? Is your current job compatible with travel or will you need a new job? Don’t ignore these questions when making such a big decision.


When you live in a van you do have to make some sacrifices. If you’ve been mostly camping, then living in a van might feel like a luxury, but for someone who is downsizing from a home or apartment, a van can feel cramped and impossible to live in long-term.

You don’t have a ton of storage space and if you are living with someone else, you will have to get used to your constant companion being in your business. A camper van can be cozy and intimate, as well as stifling. Be honest about what you can live with and what you can handle.


Are you up for surprise adventures? Are you flexible and adapt to change well? If you don’t van life will likely be a challenge. Many van life tips come from going with the flow.

Weather is unpredictable and when you live in a van, you are at the mercy of what it does every day. You also may not always stay in ideal areas, have access to a nice shower, or other amenities. But if you thrive off change and impulsivity, it might be a great fit.

Long-Term Goals

Similar to thinking about your life plans, long-term goals should fit with van life. If you don’t have the goal of travel or exploration, why do you want to live in a van? Think about what you want out of life and if van life can help you achieve that.

Loving Van Life

Van life can feel spontaneous and a choice people don’t think through, but if you want to be happy with the decision you have to consider all the options and outcomes. People who love van life have likely thought about it before buying a van.

It can be a great adventure, and also a nightmare depending on who you are. Think about your life and what you want from it before buying a van, and if it’s a good fit it will stick. If this helped you better determine if living in a van is in your future, keep reading for more good tips. Learn more about different types of general-purpose vans and auto vehicles, on this website:

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