Handy Looks at Ways to Lower the Cost of In-Home Care for Seniors

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Being responsible for taking care of a senior citizen at your home is not always an easy task. In case they need help with daily activities, you might have to consider hiring a caregiver in order to give yourself a break. All this comes with a cost and the expenses can sometimes be huge. To lower home care costs there are a few suggestions that you may like to bear in mind before making a decision. Handy looks at ways to make in-home care for seniors more affordable.

The Ideas

  1. Ditch the home care agency– Hiring a caregiver through an agency can be more expensive than doing it privately. Although it might not suit everyone, you can give it a try. Ask people who you think might be helpful to recommend someone they might know to solve your purpose. Anyone who has already availed the services of a caregiver might be the best person to go to. If you are lucky enough, you save on the service charges of the agency.
  2. Tax credits and deductions– Caregiving expenses sometimes run up to a huge figure. You may consult an advisor for the procedure to be able to get state or federal tax credits or deductions for these expenses. If you claim your older adult to be dependent, the tax claims can be easier to obtain.
  3. Meal services– One of the primary responsibilities towards older people is the need to shop and cook for them. Signing up for meal services provide healthy subsidized meals which include delivery. This way you also save on the number of hours needed to hire a help as the caregiver doesn’t need to shop, cook, or prepare meals.
  4. Adult day programs- There are various adult day programs run by institutions where seniors go during the day for care, meal, and activities. The cost per day becomes much lower than hiring an in-home care with an additional benefit of social interaction the elders get. Most of these programs even offer transportation facilities that makes commuting easier for your senior friend.
  5. Low-cost home modification- A little home modification makes the place safer for an older adult. It also simplifies caring for them in addition to giving you peace of mind while you are away. Some organizations give financial help for such modifications which go a long way in making the home environment safer and more accessible. Medical alert systems installed at home are also a good idea as it ensures the older adults are safe and prescriptions are taken on time.


With some creative thinking and support from family, it would not be difficult to take care of a loved one at home. You can save a reasonable amount of money by looking into these options. Handy feels that intuitive thinking and alertness can help you take proper care of the older adults without burning a hole in your pocket.

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