Why Mice Can be Active Both at Night and in the Day

A lot of people believe that mice are only active at night. The truth is that mice can be active at any time of the day. These pests tend to be more active at night since there are often fewer dangers for them after the sun goes down. But, there are reasons why you might find a mouse during the day. Mice may travel to a place where there is not much movement in daylight hours. Also, they might be visible in the day because they have found a travel route between their nest and food. Mice eat many times every day, so you might see them searching for food.

Signs of Mice Infestation

Mice typically leave behind evidence that you can pay attention to. For instance, you might notice gnawing on your furniture or bite marks on your cereal boxes. Some signs of a mouse issue include droppings, signs of nesting or rodent nests, damage to walls, insulation, and wiring, alive or dead rodents, odd smells, strange noises from the attic, as well as greasy track marks along walls and baseboards.

Pest infestations can take place at any time of the year and in any neighborhood. Also, it is usually not easy to deal with the issue unless you know what type of creature you have in your house. This is where you will want to get the help of a local pest control specialist. This specialist can figure out the type of pest you have in your home, eliminate the infestation, and help you avoid having the same issue again in the future.

How Mice Get in Your House

Mice can enter your home through any space that is the size of a dime. They can get inside homes through gaps under a garage door, missing bricks, spaces around cables, wiring, pipes, or drains, uncapped chimneys, loose shingles, and more. They would want to get into your home if there is easy access to sources of food or shelter. Keep in mind that just because you have mice in your house does not mean your home is unkempt. Rodents may enter your home for bird seeds that fall from a bird feeder, leftover pet food, or fruit from your garden.

Dealing with a Mice Infestation as Quickly as Possible

If you have one mouse in your house, you might soon have more. A mouse population can get out of control quickly since a female mouse has around 5 or 6 babies in every litter. Their litters can be less than a month apart. Thus, if you want to completely get rid of mice in your home, you should not put off hiring a pest control professional.

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