Top 5 Alternatives Of Animixplay To Watch Anime Online

Do you have difficulty finding a suitable platform for your next series after you’ve watched Castlevania on AniMixPlay? This is good that you’re not the only one struggling with finding alternatives to the top animation platform Animxplay. But don’t worry! We’re here after a lot of analysis and feedback from our users to bring you the most popular websites like Animxplay to stream anime.

5 Alternatives Of Animixplay

We hope this list can help you enjoy your favorite shows uninterrupted and without any restrictions on region or concerns regarding piracy.

1. 9Anime 

This site offers new and old anime collections and is available across all major regions around the globe. Its user interface 9Anime is simple to use. You can directly search for your preferred series by typing the name in the search bar. Alternatively, you can do it by checking out the alphabetical list beneath the search box. Updates are made to the website within a matter of minutes.

The latest episode will be uploaded to the site within a few hours after it was broadcast in Japan. The only drawback viewers felt was the slow loading speed in comparison to AniMixPlay.

2. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is among the longest-running players in the world of streaming platforms for anime, making it the most sought-after place for all old-school fans of anime. Crunchyroll provides a vast collection of anime, just like AniMixPlay. You can watch more than 1,200 shows, and 25,000 episodes of amazing media, including TV shows which are accessible on the platform as soon as they air. Crunchyroll fans claim it’s the sole app that anime lovers require to satisfy their obsession with anime.

The app covers over 180 countries and provides a 14-day trial period for free. It holds the rights to a number of the most popular manga and anime franchises. It’s a reliable source for anime and manga and also an online store that has exciting anime products and the most current information on the most popular anime series.

3. AnimeFox

AnimeFox is a no-cost anime streaming site that features almost every old and new anime on the market. The interface is easy to navigate, and it’s easy to locate the series you’re looking for. Anime can be sorted according to the genre, airing status, and popularity, similar to the way we do it in AniMixPlay. There’s a separate section dedicated to television shows and films. You can also like your anime and it will show on an additional page.

AnimeFox can also allow you to save your browsing history as well as to create and add your most-loved movies to your library of movies. AnimeFox allows users to connect their history as well as my favorites to Google Drive so that data is not lost.

4. KissAnime

KissAnime has been one of the well-known anime studios. it’s been around prior to the time Amimixplay and Crunchyroll became popular. It’s the birthplace of the technology giant Sony and, therefore, you can certainly expect top-quality content. It has exclusive content as Netflix also has an extensive library.

The main reason for this is that Funimation has a simulcast feature and simulDubs feature i.e., you can view the show within hours of the show broadcast on Japanese television and that too in English. If you’re seeking your next show, you will notice a lot of modifications Funimation is experiencing, and yes, it’s Dubbed.

More than 600 shows are accessible on the platform and almost all of them are being dubbed. You can stream the all-access section of the library at 1080p for free, but with advertisements. For full enjoyment, you must sign up for any of their plans.

5. Animebee

The Animebee is a simple to use interface site which allows you to swiftly discover the series you’re looking for. It allows you to stream anime for free however the quality of streaming can only be 480 p, and the episodes have ads. The free version permits viewers to watch a restricted quantity of shows. anime streaming applications can also be used for offline viewing. Apart from that, you can also make use of Google Chromecast to cast anime on your television.

Although there are some drawbacks, currently, it’s only legal within Australia as well as New Zealand so maybe you may require a VPN to connect to Animebee.


Being a fan of anime at AniMixPlay throughout the day is an exciting experience, however, because of regional restrictions or the inability to access your favorite show on an Animixplay can be a bit depressing. The world of anime has never been more readily accessible than it is today due to the numerous platforms such as Animxplay, Funimation, etc.

Anyone can access their preferred show in any place they’d like, in the at-home comforts of their homes. If you’re willing to pay a small monthly fee We recommend Funimation and Crunchyroll as the best alternative to AniMixPlay when you’re in search of an extremely fast Anime streaming website that has an extensive library of older and new anime.

If you’re on a limited budget, then there are many great free options including 9Anime and which can satisfy your anime cravings without spending a dime.

We hope that you find our analysis and comparison regarding AniMixPlay of the most popular anime websites to be instructive and enjoyable.

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