Who is Derek Tisdale?

Derek Tisdale is probably one of the most underappreciated actors in Hollywood. He is not a celebrity in and of himself, but as the spouse of a celebrity, he could have pursued a career in the media. He is the husband of Michelle Morgan, a well-known Canadian actress.  Morgan is most known for her part in Heartland, a long-running Canadian television drama series. The first name of Derek Tisdale is Derek. Derek, on the other hand, does not use social media and rarely appears in public with his wife. As a result, many of you may be uninformed of Derek’s way of life. In today’s article, we’re attempting to uncover all of Derek Tisdale’s hidden truths. 

Nationality of Derek Tisdale

Derek Tisdale was born in Canada and reared there. However, there is no information on his birth date or location. He holds Canadian citizenship.

In 2012 he married actress Michelle Morgan

After a few years of romance, Derek Tisdale married actress Michelle Morgan on June 30, 2012. Derek and his wife kept their relationship a closely guarded secret before they married. Derek and Morgan met in a grocery in Alberta, Canada, according to reports.

Morgan took to Instagram on June 30, 2019, to commemorate her seventh wedding anniversary with Derek. She posted a photo of herself, her husband, and their daughter, Mara, on Instagram. “Happy 7th Anniversary, Derek,” Morgan wrote in the description of the photo.

What does Derek Tisdale do?

Derek Tisdale is the spouse of Michelle Morgan, a prominent Canadian producer, writer, and actor who played Samantha in the CBC series Heartland. He is a producer who specializes in short films, but he is not well-known.

Is Derek Tisdale a professional actor?

Derek Tisdale is a well-known celebrity spouse, and his wife is a well-known actress who has been in a number of well-known films. His date of birth and age are unknown, however, he appears to be in his 30s or 40s.

For what Michelle Morgan is famous for?

Michelle is a Canadian actress, producer, director, and writer who is best known for her role in the CBC television series Heartland as Samantha Louise. Michelle Morgan is the youngest of five siblings, with three older brothers and sisters and two younger brothers and sisters.

 She was born and raised in the Canadian city of Vancouver. Morgan allegedly studied theatre and ancient literature at the University of Toronto before pursuing a career as an actress. She is the fourth child of his parents. She was born on 1981, July 16. She was born in Canada, Alberta. 

How many children does Derek Tisdale have? 

Derek Tisdale is a father of two children, who has been married to Michelle Morgan for almost eight years. Both the husband and wife have two children. On April 1, 2011, they had their first child, a baby girl named Mara Carmen. Mara allegedly weighed 7 pounds and 3 ounces when she was born.

Derek and his wife Morgan welcomed their second child two years later, on September 30, 2013. Noah Santiago is the couple’s first child. Morgan became a mother for the second time when she was 32 years old.

Is Derek a supportive husband? 

Michelle Morgan follows her hectic schedule virtually every day. She needs to manage a lot as a mother of two in order to continue her job as an actress. But it’s all thanks to her spouse, Derek. Morgan’s husband, she claims, has been quite supportive of her job decision. She claims she does not need to spend extra time at home, such as when their children are little.

Derek’s wife is a multimillionaire.

Michelle Morgan, Derek’s wife, has been an actress for almost two decades. She has acquired not only worldwide renown but also a large chunk of money as a result of her prolonged acting career. Michelle’s exact net worth is still being determined, but we can tell she has a fortune in the millions. Meanwhile, her net worth has been reported to be approximately $2 million by certain web publications.

Social media accounts of the Derek

Derek is a conscious person about his personal life. He is a private person. He does not exist on any platform of social media. But her wife featured himself and her children on the social media profiles.

The net worth of Derek Tisdale

Because of the secrecy and anonymity of Derek Tisdale, his net worth is unknown. But surely he earns a handsome amount of money. 


Derek is a handsome and tall man. He is attractive and smart. He has pretty blue eyes. His hair color is dark brown, and the shade of his hair turned gray at the same time. He proved himself as a good husband of Michelle Morgan, and a good father at the same time.

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