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Your love for anime probably brought you here to check out some of the best KissAnime alternatives. We completely understand you and your craze for anime movies and cartoons etc. It’s justified because once you are addicted to watching anime and cartoons, there’s no turning back. Luckily, there are several alternatives to KissAnime, and that’s what we will talk about today.

For those who don’t know what KissAnime is, it is an online anime streaming site with all the cartoon shows, movies, series, and anime videos you’d ever want to watch. One of the reasons why this platform got so popular was that it was free and had literally every anime movie of every genre. You might wonder, “what happened to KissAnime?” if it was so good, then why look for alternatives?

Is KissAnime Down?

The first question that might be popping into your brain is this anime platform down? Or is KissAnime safe to use? Well, the answer is “no,” KissAnime is not down, but streaming seamlessly on it can be an issue. Over the past few years, many people have reported issues regarding KissAnime. Some face glitches when using the site, and then there are times when the server is down.

As far as the question “is KissAnime safe?” is concerned, yes, it’s safe to use, but only if you can open the site in the first place.

Top 10 Best Alternatives to KissAnime

To save you from all the hassle and pain of watching the error “server down,” we are here with some of the best alternatives to KissAnime. All these other anime streaming platforms are safe to use, and they sure won’t waste your time.

Anime Planet

If you’re looking for a great anime streaming site, look no further than Anime Planet. This website has an impressive catalog of over 45,000 anime episodes and movies, making it the perfect destination for any anime lover. In addition to its massive library of content, Anime Planet is one of the most user-friendly websites. It’s easy to find what you’re looking for on the site thanks to its well-organized menus and search bar, and registering for an account is quick and painless. Plus, if you love manga as much as you love anime, there’s even a section of MangaPlanet dedicated specifically to that genre! Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newbie when it comes to watching anime online, Anime Planet is worth checking out!


AnimeLab is an amazing anime streaming site that allows users to watch their favorite movies and cartoons in HD. The site has a sleek interface and performs exceptionally well, making it a viable alternative to KissAnime. AnimeLab offers a great variety of content for users to enjoy, so they are sure to find something that interests them. Overall, AnimeLab is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to stream anime online hassle-free.


Whether you’re a seasoned otaku or just getting into Japanese animation, Animixplay should be your go-to streaming site for all things anime and manga related! Animixplay is an online streaming service that offers anime and manga videos in both English dub and subversions. The library boasts a collection of over 10,000 titles, with new content being added regularly. The site also allows for downloads which is great if you want to watch something offline or on the go. Aside from its vast selection, Animixplay is also known for its user-friendly interface, making it easy to find what you’re looking for quickly and without any hassle!

Anime Freak

Anime Freak is an excellent website for streaming anime videos and movies. The website has a user-friendly interface, making it easy to find the desired video or movie. Additionally, Anime Freak provides information on each of the anime shows that are available on their website, such as genre, runtime, ratings, etc. This helps viewers decide if they want to watch a particular show or not.

Anime Freak is one of the best alternatives to Kissanime and offers great content for those looking to stream anime online.


9Anime is a great anime streaming website that offers users much content without signing up or creating an account. The website has a large library of movies and tv shows to choose from, all free of charge. Additionally, 9Anime also offers dubbed versions of some anime titles and manga for reading online. Overall, the site is easy to use and provides plenty of hours’ worth of entertainment for anyone who loves watching anime!

Gogo Anime

There is no question that Gogo Anime provides a wealth of top-quality anime content for its viewers. The site has an extensive and well-organized catalog of TV shows, movies, and OVAs, as well as a handy calendar feature that lets you know when the latest releases will be available. There are also some great bonus features on Gogo Anime, such as downloadable wallpapers and trailers. Additionally, the quality of streaming video is excellent – even at full 1080p resolution, there was no noticeable buffering or lag time.

Anime Land

Anime Land is a website that provides its users with high-quality dubbed anime content. Anime fans can head over to the website and browse through the extensive collection of anime movies and TV shows available for streaming. The site doesn’t require sign ups or registrations, making it incredibly easy to use.

Anime Land also offers manga titles for online reading, a bonus for manga lovers! Additionally, the website has a very user-friendly interface, making browsing through different content an enjoyable experience.


Animekisa is a website that provides free access to anime TV shows, movies, and cartoons. It has a large collection of anime titles and regularly updates its library with new content. Animekisa also has sections dedicated to manga, cosplay, and gaming, adding to its appeal among users. The site enjoys a high rating on IMDB and is one of the most popular destinations for fans of Japanese animation.


Animegg is a fantastic anime streaming site that you should check out if you’re an anime enthusiast. It has a massive library of content and is free to use without any sign-ups or account registrations required. The experience with which it comes is seamless and very similar to Kissanime in terms of functionality and layout. Moreover, Animegg alternatives offers wide range of free episodes. If you’re looking for a great alternative to Kissanime, Animegg is worth checking out!


Crunchyroll is a website that allows you to watch your favorite anime series and cartoons for free. You can also add reviews of the animation series you have recently watched. Crunchyroll boasts a large library of popular anime, including Attack on Titan, Naruto Shippuden, One Piece, and Sword Art Online II. The site is available in most countries worldwide (except for China, France, Italy, Japan, and Germany), with users able to watch using a VPN if they are located in one of these regions where Crunchyroll isn’t supported officially.

I like that Crunchyroll offers ad-free streaming for its premium members (although there are some ads during loading screens etc.). This makes watching my favorite shows much more enjoyable without potentially being interrupted every few minutes by an advertisement! Another great feature offered by CrunchyRoll is their game section which lets you play different games based on famous anime characters – this was fun when I first discovered it! Finally, another big plus point for me as someone who likes to review things I’ve enjoyed watching – CrunchyRoll has an excellent review system that rewards well-written critiques with badges and other goodies!


Contv is a website offering users a huge collection of popular animation movies and videos. It also lets them view recently added movies, which is quite convenient. This Anime website streams modern and classic animation, making it perfect for fans of the genre.

One great feature offered by Contv is that you can watch original shows, genre movies, comics, and more on the site. Additionally, you can add videos to your watch list so you can return to them later. The only downside is that ads are displayed on the page; however, they aren’t too intrusive. Lastly, Contv supports devices such as Web browsers (including Safari), iOS devices (such as iPhone/iPad), and Android devices, so all fans should be able to enjoy its content easily!


Animepahe is a fantastic website that offers free streaming of anime episodes with subtitles. The site has a great selection of dubbed and subbed titles, and new episodes are added regularly. One downside to note is that there are no English dubbed movies on offer; however, most users should find plenty to watch regardless. Overall, Animepahe is an excellent resource for anime lovers who want to watch their favorite shows online without spending a penny! Anime fans will appreciate this site’s high-quality videos and straightforward layout, which makes finding your favorite series easy.


Funimation is a great replacement for KissAnime if you want to watch new anime series and episodes daily. It has a large streaming library that’s growing all the time and features many upcoming series. Funimation also allows you to bookmark anime to watch it later if you don’t have time right then. The only downside is that it’s not available in as many regions as some of its competitors (but it covers most of North America, the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia & New Zealand). There are also no ads on Funimation, which makes watching your favorite shows even more enjoyable!

Chia Anime

Similar to KissAnime, Chia Anime offers high-quality anime clips for online streaming. With over 1000 anime available, this website is a great resource for all your anime needs! The site also provides a genre list to find the right show quickly and easily. Additionally, you can watch the series with ease on Chia Anime. If you’re looking for the latest and greatest in anime movies, check out Chia Anime’s selection – it won’t disappoint!


Animeheaven is a great online resource for watching anime content. The site provides an easy-to-use mobile interface, making it possible to watch movies on phones and other portable devices. In addition, Animeheaven offers a vast selection of series (including popular titles like One Piece), all available in high definition. Furthermore, the website allows users to download videos onto their local hard drives – perfect for keeping cherished favorites permanently stored offline. Finally, given that Animeheaven is accessible from anywhere in the world (barring censorship restrictions), this site makes anime viewing truly globalized! Some ads are displayed on this website, but they are not too intrusive and do not significantly interfere with the overall browsing experience. Overall, Animeheaven is an amazing place to watch high-quality anime content without the hassle!


Aniwatcher is an amazing anime streaming website with many great features. I appreciate the fact that it gives complete information about every animation series, making it super easy to find whatever you’re looking for. Additionally, giving feedback on the series you just watched is appreciated and can be very helpful for other users. Lastly, the regions available are excellent and cover a good amount of ground. Overall, Aniwatcher is worth checking out if you’re an anime fan!


Masteranime is one of the best alternative website to watch anime online completely for free. It offers the latest online Anime series at the highest quality available.

Animes are released with subtitles a few days after they air in Japan so international viewers can enjoy them. You don’t need to create an account or provide your email address! Masteranime also has an extensive library of older Anime and movies, which you can watch any time without restrictions.

The website is available in 11 languages- English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, etc.


Cartooncrazy is a great website that allows users to watch Anime series online for free. It has an extensive collection of all popular Anime, and users can check out the anime according to the year it was released. They can also browse their favorite anime by its type, like action, horror, comedy, etc. And lastly, they get a complete list of upcoming anime shows with their release dates. The website is available in over 50 countries, including the USA, the UK, and Canada.


Anime lovers rejoice! Kimcartoon is the site for you. With its large selection of anime series to watch online, it’s hard not to find something that appeals to your taste. And if you’re a fan of comics as well, they’ve got you covered, too, with their generous library of comic downloads. Whether you’re into horror, comedy, or drama – there’s something for everyone on Kimcartoon! What’s more, the website is available in over 50 countries, including USA and Canada, so no matter where in the world, you can enjoy all the latest anime releases directly from this one-stop shop!


What is an Anime Website?

Anime websites are online portals where fans of the Japanese art form can watch episodes and movies, read manga, follow news updates, participate in forums and discussions, learn about new shows and products being released, and purchase merchandise related to their favorite anime titles.

An anime website is a one-stop shop for all things anime. Fans can find out what’s new in the world of their favorite shows or discover something new that they might enjoy based on genre preferences or ratings from other viewers. They can also delve into the depths of discussion boards to chat with fellow fans about specific topics related to different series or characters; share Fanart creations; vote on upcoming polls or view results thereof; get recommendations for similar (or recommended) shows/movies etc.

What is KissAnime?

KissAnime is a website and online streaming service that offers its viewers free access to anime and manga content. You only need to register on KissAnime‘s website in order to gain access to this content – it’s as simple as that! The site streams new episodes, movies, OVAs, and dramas daily from 60+ countries worldwide.

What are the best alternatives to KissAnime?

There are many alternatives to KissAnime that anime fans can use to watch their favorite shows and movies. Some popular choices include Crunchyroll, Hulu, FunimationNow, and Netflix, each offering its unique content selection and exclusive deals with different studios/publishers. In addition, several smaller websites – such as Daisuki or AnimeLab – offer limited catalogs but make up for them with ease of use and affordability.

What made KissAnime so popular?

There are many reasons why the kiss anime was so popular. First and foremost, the site offered free streaming of a large library of anime content. This made it easy for fans to watch their favorite shows and find new ones to enjoy. In addition, the website was well-organized and easy to use, making it an appealing choice for viewers. Finally, kiss anime maintained an active community forum where fans could discuss their favorite shows and make friends with other enthusiasts. All these factors combined helped make kiss anime one of the most popular websites for streaming anime online.

What happened to KissAnime?

Since its inception in 2006, KissAnime has become one of the most popular websites for streaming anime online. The site was well-known for its extensive selection of shows and easy-to-use interface. However, the official KissAnime website has closed due to complex copyright issues.

Despite this closure, there are still many ways to watch anime on KissAnime. Sites like kissanimego or simply googling ‘KissAnime‘ will bring up a variety of alternatives where you can watch your favorite shows free and legally. There is also a very active community forum on Reddit, which is a great place to discuss your favorite series with other fans.

What are common devices used for watching anime?

There are a variety of devices that people use to watch anime. The most common are desktop and laptop computers, smartphones and tablets, TVs and streaming boxes, gaming consoles, DVD players or set-top boxes, and other VR devices. Each device has its unique strengths and weaknesses when it comes to watching anime.

Desktops and laptops have large screen sizes that allow viewers to see all the details in an episode without having to scroll around or resize windows. They also have powerful processors which can handle high-definition video files with ease. However, they can be bulky to move around if you want to watch anime on the go, they require regular software updates, which can interrupt your viewing experience mid-episode, and some older models may not be able for HD playback at all.

Smartphones and tablets are very portable, so you can take them anywhere you go; however, their screen sizes tend to be smaller than those of desktops/laptops meaning some detail might get lost if watched on a mobile device. Their processors aren’t as powerful as those in desktops/laptops, but they still manage 1080p resolution fairly well. Additionally, many phones now include exclusive features like picture-in-picture mode, which lets you multitask by watching two things simultaneously!

What happens if you get caught using KissAnime alternative sites to watch copyrighted content?

The first thing that might happen is that your account would be suspended. You would then receive a warning informing you not to do it again. If it continues, your account will be banned permanently, and your phone number will be blocked as well – meaning you wouldn’t be able to access KissAnime or any of its sister websites anymore. Copyright infringement is a serious offense and can result in legal trouble, so it’s best not to take the risk!

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