9 Benefits of Having a Car Tracker

In this era of advancing transportation technology, it pays to know what your vehicle requires and how emerging technologies can benefit your business the most. GPS car tracking is a tried-and-true technology that goes far beyond a moving dot on a map.

In taking full advantage of GPS tracking, you must first know the benefits of a car GPS tracker and how it can assist you in meeting your personal goals. Continue reading to learn the nine benefits of having a car tracker.

The Categories of Car Tracking Systems

Vehicle trackers are categorized into two: an active tracking system and a passive tracking system. They are different in terms of when they send messages or alerts.

You are likely to receive the information for active systems immediately after an event occurs or exactly when you want to retrieve the information.

On the other hand, passive trackers will record and store the information before accessing them after some time. But, it is worth knowing that some trackers can contain both active as well as passive systems.

Passive tracking systems are less expensive as compared to active systems. Both systems use mobile networks to collect, save, and send information.

Benefits of Using a Vehicle Tracking System

Many people wonder how fitting a car GPS tracker would help in fleet management. What are the reasons it is recommendable for use and its benefits? Here are the key benefits of a car tracker:

1. Vehicle Maintenance

Implementing a vehicle GPS tracker will alert you when your vehicle needs maintenance. This is key in helping you to avoid unnecessary repairs and costs. Car maintenance is very fundamental, especially if you do it at regular intervals.

It expands the life span of the care system, for instance, the engine system and other vital parts of your vehicle. The tracking system allows you to choose and set the favorite time to update the vehicle servicing activities.

2. Tracking of Employee

The vehicle tracking system will enable you to monitor both the car and the driver. A live map in the system is updated periodically, usually every two seconds.

You can also receive alerts if your driver commits any bad road behaviors such as braking suddenly, overspeeding, swerving, and many others. All are possible with the current modern software for tracking.

Tracking the employee will then be essential for car safety and also helping you reduce the costs of repair and fines that may arise from driving misconduct.

Additionally, accurate data will help you know whether the driver follows the road safety laws and manufacturer’s procedures.

3. Reduced Downtime

Downtime is the time your vehicle will take to reach the destination. A car tracking system ensures you’ve followed the most appropriate routes, resulting in more productivity by lowering the downtime.

For companies dealing with deliveries, this idea will be more profiting since a reduced downtime lowers the fuel costs. Strong customer reputation will also develop as well as the overhead expenses.

4. A Car Tracker Improves Safety

Knowing the exact location of your company vehicle in real-time will help you follow its safety along the way. Some tracking systems have a button that your driver can press when they are stuck at a given location so that you can reach out for assistance. This is especially possible when the button type is SOS.

The SOS button sends an alert instantly to the fleet manager to reach out for help as fast as possible.

It works efficiently, especially if the manager knows the car’s exact location. They will tell the most appropriate vehicle to send to the area for loss prevention.

5. Tracking of Asset

You can track all your assets if only you know the real-time location of a vehicle. You can retrieve them effectively in case they are lost or stolen. With this system, you can monitor the temperature of the vehicle, oil in the engine, and the level of fuel in the vehicle.

6. The Instant Alerts

Another technology or software coming with a car tracker is Geofencing. With this feature, you can select an area and set it up as a safe place for your employees. Also, you can decide to mark it as a business area.

Whenever the vehicle moves out of the already set area, you will receive an alert. The alert is critical in redirecting the drivers to avoid entering unsafe places. Using the SOS button, you can also receive alerts immediately for any urgent issues.

You can recover a stolen car can also using this technique. An immediate alert is sent to the fleet manager when the car gets out of the marked and safe zones.

7. Cost Saving

Trackers help fuel management and send alerts to remind you of car maintenance at the right time. You will thus save on fuel cost by monitoring the vehicle’s fuel consumption.

Timely maintenance is also crucial in saving costs. This is because the vehicle will not suffer intense damages before repair and maintenance.

8. Insurance Discounts

It is easy to insure a vehicle with a tracking system. For instance, most insurance companies will feel safe to insure such vehicles because they can monitor them effectively. They also tend to give discounts hence increased cost-saving techniques.

9. Improved Administration

Vehicle tracking frameworks improve administration. Each time, you can utilize saved money on administrator for different cycles that need more consideration. This can prompt more noteworthy proficiency in the business.

Install a Car Tracker Today to Reap Its Benefits

You will get yourself using cars more proficiently because you have a ton of information from your car tracker. Everything ranging from better gas consumption to more effective routes will be enhanced.

These are just a few of the advantages provided by a vehicle tracking system. The system provides many more benefits. This demonstrates that it’s a long-term investment that is both secure and financially beneficial. Learn more about the tracking laws and regulations you have to follow, on this website: www.autotymeautomotive.com

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