5 Ways to Monetize Your Mobile Event App

The event mobile application solutions offer you with numerous possibilities to create revenue and for sponsors to build brand recognition for concert event management. This outline will describe the important tools for producing sales that are accessible via mobile applications for both your year-round and event app mobile solutions.

The following guide lets you match your goals with your partners and encourages you to package and promote ways to improve revenue production. Keep on reading to discover 5 ways to monetize your mobile application.

1.Splash Screens

Every app user realizes the initial splash screen that fills the entire screen. The splash screen offers optimal brand publicity, which can be scheduled to provide full attention to a partner. That is the greatest value sponsorship that you can give. If it is for a concert event management, this splash screen may be sold for a few days, but if it is for year-round participation, you can offer timed splash pages 52 weeks a year.

2. Banner Ads

The most cost-effective way to create brand recognition and attract users is through banner advertising. Banner advertisements are simple to build and should result in a long-lasting impression. They can be displayed in different parts with further messaged targeting or banner advertising which can a on any appear on every screen. Ads can be connected to a personalized landing page and/or your website.

Sponsors will pay a premium for exclusivity. You may enable one sponsor to monitor the banner ads shown on a certain day, or you can enable a sponsor to control a section, such as the membership directory. Increasing your sales by delivering targeted banner ads priced by the specified time. You charge extra for display during heavy traffic periods, like right before the opening session or just before a major board meeting.

3. Featured Sponsor and Exhibitor Listings

Feature placements are a perfect opportunity for sponsors and exposers to highlight themselves and their products within the listing sections. These are also a prime social tool for attendees to know more about a sponsor because they will relate to handouts, photos and more.

3 Reasons to Love Featured Listings:

  1. High Visibility – Featured listings sit at the peak of the stack, so a sponsor or exhibitor stands out on what may be a lengthy list. If you have 1000 exhibitors, to be first listed is cool!
  2. Easy to Create & Flexible – Featured listings are simple for a sponsor to build and edit allow the sponsor and/or exhibitor plenty of space to advertise themselves and their products.
  3. Engaging – Because you can include video or other documentation in the listing, sponsors can offer a more immersive environment to stand out. Richer profiles may contain social media links, presentations, pdfs, videos and more. Listings can also include coupons and discount codes.

4. Push Notifications

Push notifications are the best way for sponsors to contact attendees directly on time. For concert event management, they offer a perfect platform for a sponsor to make an announcement, do a promotion or encourage attendees to come by their booth. For a year-round app, they are a great way for a sponsor to regularly message participants to deliver valuable data.

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If it’s a $20 gift card or the latest, nothing matches the thrill of earning a draw. Gamification offers your audience a positive, engaging opportunity to get engaged with your company and sponsors would want to be a part of it.

Within our mobile event app solution, the gamification feature offers a scavenger hunt-style activity that allows participants to answer multiple-choice and photo-based questions. This provides many ways for sponsors to advertise a brand.


For your concert event management, your mobile event app is a fantastic tool in producing income from events. Don’t miss out on all the ways to monetize your mobile event app and improve your ROI event’s success.

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