12 Useful Baby Shower Gifts

Preparing for a baby’s arrival is one of the most fulfilling events that people experience.

A lot of items are involved in caring for a baby, especially in their first year of life. You can show your support and care for the parents to be by getting them gifts that will be immensely useful or sentimental to them.

Seeing as new gadgets and materials for childcare are popping up all the time, it might not be straightforward to pick out the most practical one.

Listed below are twelve baby shower gifts that will put a smile on intending parents’ faces;


Clothes are one of the items that are baby essentials. As soon as they are born, children grow at an exponential rate and can outgrow clothes within the twinkle of an eye. For more information on baby essentials, you can visit ubabymagazine.com.

Therefore, in addition to the cute onesies and tiny shirts, get clothes that are suitable for the six-month to one year period. It is lovely to have these bigger sizes tucked away for use down the track.


Before a child is fully potty-trained, they would have gone through a large number of nappies.

While it might not be the cutest gift, it is undoubtedly one of the most practical items you can buy.

Check to see if the parents plan to use a cloth or disposable nappies before purchasing your gift.

A car seat

One of the essential items for the safety of a child while in a vehicle is a baby car seat. This is featured at the top spot of most parents’ newborn checklist.

Take the time to research the brands available and ensure to pick one that the parents are happy with.

A baby rocker

Save the soon-to-be parents the stress of wearing the carpet thin when rocking their newborn to sleep by getting them a motorized rocker.

The devices can sway and glide in a variety of soothing motions, thereby allowing the baby to sleep comfortably without stressing the parents out.

Nappy bag

A sturdy and large bag with many compartments for holding nappies, wipes, clothes, pacifiers, bottles, teething toys, and other essentials is a gift that parents will appreciate. If you’re looking for a great source to find such baby essentials, check out https://babyjunior.co.uk/.


It is never too early to get children interested in educational materials and giving them children’s books and illustrations is a good starting point.

Informational articles on what to expect as their child grows can also be beneficial.

Baby monitor

A device that lets parents see and hear their child when they are not in the same room is a gift that most parents-to-be would appreciate.

If possible, get one that has plenty of added features and is easy to operate.

Gift cards

Parents, especially mothers, deserve a gift that allows them to take a break and receive maximum pampering.

A gift card from their favourite store, restaurant, a boutique, or spa for a relaxing experience can make a difference in their emotional state in the future.


You can get a good quality stroller that would be easy to take out when parents and baby need some fresh air and sunshine.

Baby furniture

High chairs, changing tables, cribs, bassinets and dressers are some of the essential items for a child’s nursery that can be gifted at a baby shower.

Just ensure that the colour coincides with the colour chosen for the nursery.

Personalized items

Clothes, stuffed toys and other items can be given sentimental value by stitching the baby’s name or initials onto them.

You can also get a handmade gift like knitted hats or blankets that the child will use for a long while.

Sound machine

Babies usually find it hard to sleep for long hours at a stretch, especially for the first six months.

A sound machine producing white noise can help the newborn to sleep well regardless of background noise and distractions.

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