Sedan Vs SUV How to Pick the Right Vehicle

The one query that confuses every driver day after day is whether they should rent a sedan or SUV? We provide a concise guide in this article to help you determine which is the best vehicle for you to rent with a cheap car rental in Dubai. SUVs provide a hatchback’s practicality and have a more vigorous look and design than a sedan.

On the other side, sedans have traditionally become the go-to option for individuals who want improvement from the hatchback, and need the vehicle to be economical at the same time. Here we will talk about all the pros and cons of both cars to give you a clearer picture and help you make a decision.


Sedan cars are considered to provide the highest comfort to their passengers. Thanks to its driving characteristics, most drivers favor sedans on both straight and curvy roads. They also have outstanding aerodynamics along with fuel performance.

Fuel Efficiency

A principal benefit of sedans is that they have always been fuel-efficient. Recent car models are known to provide you higher mileage, so if you’re looking to hire a cheap car rental Dubai, this can be a great way to save on the overall cost.

Easy to Drive

Since sedans are lower and smaller in height, it allows drivers more leverage over the vehicle, thus enabling a smooth drive. Particularly useful while driving through town.


Sedan vehicles are cheaper to rent. If you’re looking to visit the city and are on a budget, renting a sedan is the best way to go.

Better Performance

Everybody enjoys driving a car that delivers excellent efficiency, and in a sedan, you should expect that. It’s also why most drivers find it easier to drive in a sedan vehicle.

Increased Safety Features

Sedans come nowadays fitted with many protection devices, too. Such features offer peace of mind for anyone wishing to travel with their families.

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