Why Workers Compensation is Important in the Workplace

Whether at home or work, accidents can happen anywhere. However, the risk at work is more dependent on the job. Employers must provide a safe working place for employees and in high-risk situations, there must be a workplace compensation program in place. Calvary Urgent Care deals with workers compensation in Humble and individuals can benefit from a wide range of treatment options when they get injured at work.

What is workers’ compensation treatment?

Workers’ compensation injuries occur at the workplace and it is vital to seek treatment so that you can file a claim. If an injury occurs at work or during your normal course of duty, your attorney will require a medical report for a successful claim.

Slips and falls

Slips and falls are the most common workplace injuries when you trip on slippery ground. It can happen indoors on wet tiles, or outside when it rains. Falls or trips can cause sprains, breaks, and trauma. These physical injuries require quick medical attention.

Repetitive injury

Some injuries are repetitive depending on the job. These can occur when you do the same job for a long time, causing strains on a particular body part. For example, back strains because of standing for a long period of time, or tennis elbow injuries. Although some injuries require proof, these can be reported if there is a pattern of occurrence over the years.

Likewise, a lot of pressure can cause pain in your muscles or joints. Sometimes, a disc dislocation can occur, which may require corrective surgery and therapy. These types of injuries are most common in construction sites and factories or even offices where you have to move large cartons or files. Sometimes workers may push large trays of food, which can strain their muscles.

When an object falls on a worker

Sometimes an object may fall on you and cause injuries. For example, a box of files can fall on you in an office or construction materials in a factory. Also, there is a danger of injury when tools or equipment fall on you in your normal course of duty.

A road accident

Injuries due to road accidents are part of workers’ compensation injuries when they occur during work. For instance, accidents can happen to semi-truck drivers, delivery drivers, police officers, and outdoor sales personnel. Also, suppose you are driving to see a client and an accident occurs. In that case, the injury is a workplace compensation injury as long as it occurred when carrying out your responsibilities as a worker.

Equipment accident injuries

Machinery or equipment injuries can occur because of faulty machines or misuse. These injuries are common in factories, construction sites, offices using paper shredders, restaurants with hot surfaces, and more. When you get injured, you can seek workers’ compensation treatment at a medical facility.

Workers’ compensation requires urgent attention to enable you to file a claim. If you get injured at work, contact the specialist at Calvary Urgent Care for treatment and get a detailed report for filing a claim.

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