How to Buy A Used Surfboard? All You Need to Know

Purchasing of a second hand or used surfboard can be one of the ideal ways of getting a deal on a perfect board. Sometimes, it can buy of used surfboard in not more than wastage of hard-earned money as well. Whether you are going to purchase your board from a friend, some any garage sale, surf shop like, there are some essential points that re essential to consider. So, don’t buy a heap that may be fall apart in a month. let’s have a look at some crucial points before you are going to purchase a second hand surfboard.

Firstly, there is a great need to know that there are two main categories of dings. These are fixed and not fixed. Keep in consideration, if a ding is fixed, it seems all about the quality of repair. Open ding seems bad because it traps water inside. A fix must flush with the board and there must be no yellow spot or any crack where water can get into it.

You must consider this fact, if someone is going to sell a board with open dings, it means they are in a hurry in order to sell the board. It can put yourself in the best bargaining position. The reason is that, there is fee above the cost to fix a ding. There is need to repair it after buying.

  • Nose Job

No doubt, a broken nose is not a bad thing, within it is twelve inches of the top of the board, but a fixed nose looks so funky. Along with this, if the repair matches with the angle of the original rocker of the board, it will not affect any way it rides. People who are looking for the deal, make sure the surfboard repair is the quality.

  • The Buckle Test

One of the essential things that can ruin the day is purchasing second hand surfboards that comes with a buckle. Bear in consideration, buckled and boards can be fixed e, but there is need to ensure it is a good repair. Now the question arises, how can you tell. if your boat is fixed up or jacked up?

For this purpose, just push on the board right, with the palm in the middle. If you see the bubbles coming up on the stringer, that means you have got a slight or bug buckle. However, if there is crease in the glass, it seems a minor fix. There is need to make sure you are comfortable before trying a buckle test.

  • Stressed-Out Fins

Stress cracks around the fins are minor. Sometimes, they affect that how a board ride. For your information, if inside area is brownish, means there is discoloration. If you feel that the cracks look like as are taking in water, steer clear. Always get it fixed if you are planning on keeping the board.

There we all the essential considerations before you are going to buy a second hand/ used surfboard.

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