What Staircase is Right for You?

One of the basic decisions in the house planning is to decide whether the stairs should be placed separately in the hallway or integrated into the living room, unless it is a bungalow with only one storey. The staircase decision is particularly important, since it is hardly revisable later.

Both options have their advantages, dependent on the living habits and needs of the family. The staircase in the hallway area does not give access to the upper storey from the living-room. This means that parents will be less disturbed by children and their friends during the cozy evening on the sofa in front of the TV. Even those who choose a simple, functional staircase, will prefer to place it rather in a separate area, than in the middle of the living room. Besides, it is much easier to create two separate living units when needed, if the staircase access to the upper floor is separated.

But if you would like to keep an eye on who is with whom, when and where, then a staircase in the middle of the living area would be the best choice. Then everything is open and transparent, you can hear what is going on upstairs, what happens on the ground floor and vice versa. At the same time you must take care of the stairs appearance, because now it will become the center of the house and overall attention.

As for the space, the absence of a separate staircase saves a lot of room, on the other hand it takes extra space in the living area. However, many residents refer to the central staircase as to a living concept and use it as a seat. The space under the stairs can of course be used for more than just storage space.

Stairs with more than three pitches are not considered in the calculation of living space. It does not matter where the stairs are placed in the floor plan.

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Steps in focus

If your staircase is in the living room, it must be designed according to the furniture style. A staircase must harmonize with the design, appropriate attention must be paid to the choice of material. Whether stainless steel or wood, glass or stone, material combination or solid piece- countless design requests have to be made in terms of construction and design.

Stairs with wall mounting are especially popular in houses design, since mediate individual stairs give a floating impression.

Steel flat staircase made of flat steel with welded brackets is also in trend now. It is characterized by interchangeable steps.


There is a basic distinction is the stairs outline. Pencil straight staircases change their direction by an angle of 90 ° or 180 °. Spiral staircases achieve the change in direction by the difference in internal and external width of the steps. The spiral staircase has advantages due to its small size. The name comes from the central column (spiral), which carries the stairs. This form can be free in space or fit into the rounding of the wall. Whether tight or loose, in wood or metal – it’s design has almost no limits.

A version with two-sided walls (lateral bars) staircase is a basic, where the steps are inserted between the bars. Another version involves saddled stairs supported on beams, either two outer or central. Another possibility is a staircase, attached to the side with steps, being adjusted to the wall or other structure and solidly connected. The so-called “growing” steps come out of the wall. The “folded plate staircase” is characterized by a modern design, resulting in an “invisible” connection between a tread and riser.

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