What Features Of Rolex Yacht Master Make It Unique From Others

Watch lovers always look for something unique and classy. Along with the functionality they look for the design and style that enhance their personality. If you are one of them and looking for something enchanting in watch collection the Rolex Yacht-master makes a perfect option. The modern, outclass and decent-looking timepiece is the choice of every watch lover. Now you may be thinking about why it is getting a high rating and why you should buy it.

The Innovative Design Of The Chronograph

The best part of the aesthetic watch is its appealing chronograph. It comes with a bold and distinguished marine style chronograph that depict the spirit as well as the quality of the oyster watches. Moreover, regatta chronograph has a clear display that shows the detail of the product. Thus, overall reflect the integrity of the timepiece.

Comfortable To Wear

The perfect watch is one that is perfect and comfortable to wear. It offers the performance of a character. The waterproof, smooth base and robust features make it the perfect sports watch as well as add comfort during the whole journey.

Bezel With Ring Command

Rolex has made a name in the industry because of its unique bezel. Just like other models Yacht model seeks the attention of the customers. A bezel operation is independent of the internal mechanism. There exist different models. In one Yacht type, there is a conjunction of Bezel with the chronograph/ bezel in such watches functions as the programmable countdown. So, you can set or synchronize with race time. Although it seems complex in design yet very easy to use. It shows optimal performance and has an awesome function.

White Dial That Adds Aesthetic Overall Timepiece

Another notable feature of the watch is the white dial. The decent, elegant, and beautifully designed white dial an aesthetic character to the watch. Moreover, to enhance the legibility as well as sharpen the look of the timepiece. The model comes with a triangular hour marker at 12 o clock while the 6 o clock markers are rectangular in shape. Plus, the luminescent disc present on the hour hand brings uniqueness to hour hands.

One of the superb features is that you can program the countdown between a duration of 1 to 10 minutes. You can set the program or reset it to start the programming mechanism again. You can synchronize the countdown to match the countdown of the official race.

Oyster Steel Construction

Just like watch performance, its durable construction makes it the highest-rated watch. The watch is designed with premium quality steel with corrosion proof properties. 904 steel is used to craft this awesome timepiece. Usually, steel is used in the chemical as well as aerospace industries. The material is extremely resistant to corrosion as well as offer water resistance feature too. It’s not only a beautiful watch but has the ability to bear the harsh environment.


Just like the dial and base of the watch bracelet is designed with premium quality material. Its design and style add aesthetic, comfort as well as give a sturdy appeal. Oyster lock folding clasp keeps the watch in position as well as prevents the accidental opening. Moreover, there is present an ingenious system that does not allow the self-opening of the bracelet.

In short, the watch comes with all features that one expects in high quality and pricey watches. Although it’s expensive yet watch lovers love to purchase this premium watch and add to their timepiece collection.

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