Tina Kiss Shares Tips on How to Become A Successful Influencer

Tina Kiss is a tattoo model and a onlyfans creator with more than 1.6 million instagram followers. What’s her advice? Be passionate and unique!

Tina Kiss’s journey to becoming a successful influencer was not without its challenges, but after six years of building her audience she now knows what it takes to make it as a successful and famous influencer. Originally, taking pictures of herself and posting them on social media platforms like instagram, was simply a hobby that Tina Kiss thoroughly enjoyed. But to her surprise, she started gaining thousands of followers on instagram one day after another. Six years later, Tina Kiss has over 1.6 million followers. How does she do it? Let’s find out as Tina Kiss shares her tips on how she became a successful influencer.

Tina Kiss on Instagram

Actively build and retain your audience

Tina Kiss knows it isn’t easy to build and retain a loyal fan following on social media over a period as long as six years. But Tina Kiss believes it’s all about understanding and knowing your audience. It is important to choose the audience you want to reach, and then find out what they like, what they respond to and what will keep them coming back for more.

Being regular and consistent is also something Tina Kiss worked really hard at. If you are an influencer, taking a break from posting and engaging your audience is never a good thing. People can very quickly lose interest if influencers suddenly go quiet online and move on to the next best thing they stumble across. Tina Kiss believes that knowing your audience and being consistently engaged with them is key to retaining a loyal fan following.

Be passionate

For Tina Kiss, the most important thing is being passionate about everything she does, and that includes being a successful influencer. You cannot be true and authentic with your audience if you are not passionate about what you do. Being true and authentic, and sharing your world with millions of people online is hard sometimes. But that’s where being passionate about it really helps Tina Kiss, and because she is passionate about it, it does not really feel like work. It’s just another part of her daily routine which is what she loves about doing it.

Being actively engaged with your audience also does not go unnoticed. Things like replying to comments, sharing posts, and making sure your audience sees that you are interested in their opinions and ideas are all important to Tina Kiss. Engaging your audience is a big part of being a successful influencer, and your audience can pick up very quickly if this is something you are passionate about. So if you are going to do it, be passionate, and make sure your audience sees it.

Aim for uniqueness

Tina Kiss admits that it is becoming increasingly difficult to become a successful influencer as more and more people try to become influencers these days. Since life is now lived on social media, distinguishing yourself from the masses has never been more important. Tina Kiss said, “I think the most important thing is to be passionate and unique”.

It was always important for Tina Kiss that she is different and unique in comparison to all other influencers online. But this isn’t easy to do. For Tina Kiss, she found out what made her different and capitalized on that difference, she took what made her different and made it her signature look online. It worked because thousands of people responded to the uniqueness of her social media content. Tina Kiss tries her best to create unique, relevant and interesting content for her followers. That is how she became ‘insta-famous’ to begin with, by creating unique content that she knew people like.

Follow Tina Kiss’ advice

Tina Kiss did not actively set out to be “insta famous”, but once she got into it, she found that she truly loved it. Her tips on how to become a successful influencer are really useful for people trying to distinguish themselves as an influencer on social media. Nobody said it would be easy, but with successful influencers like Tina Kiss paving the way and sharing what they know, it does become slightly easier for aspiring influencers to reach the top. So why not give it a go?

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