Subtitle This: How Do You Sync Subtitles?

Did you know that 80% of television viewers use closed captions? If you are part of this statistic but you are wondering how to sync subtitles, you are in the right place. Syncing subtitles is not as complicated as it might seem and it will make your viewing much more enjoyable because the subtitles will not be off.

Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of how to sync subtitles.

Sync Subtitles in VLC Media Player

If you are using a VLC media player you can easily add subtitle to videos or fix the subtitle sync. Hit the “H” key to sync the subtitles for 50 milliseconds forward or the “G” key if you want to add a 50-millisecond delay.

You can also press “Shift+K” to resync the subtitles or press “Shift+J” when the sentence appears in the subtitles. Pressing “Shift+H” whenever you hear a specific sentence will help you adjust the timings in VLC.

Sync Subtitles in VLC on Mac

For our Apple users, you can either press the H or the J key to adjust the subtitle delays. If you notice that the subtitle is lagging behind the sound you can press the H key or when the subtitles are ahead of the sound, press the letter J.

When the syncing is not as easy then you can open the video you want to watch on your VLC and click Subtitles then click Subtitle track and make sure that the subtitles are on. Click Window then click Track Synchronization. To adjust the subtitles click the Subtitle track synchronization found under Subtitles/Video.

Input a positive number whenever the subtitle is ahead of the sound to help delay the subtitles. If you put in a negative number then it will speed up the subtitles which is perfect whenever the subtitles are behind the sound.

Syncing on PC

You can press either G or H while you are playing your movie on VLC. The G key will help adjust your subtitles if they are behind the sound and the H key will adjust if the subtitles are ahead of the sound.

If this is not working because you need to be extra specific then you will click Subtitle then Sub Track to make sure that the subtitles are enabled. Click Tools and then click Track Synchronization and under Subtitles/Video use the Subtitle track synchronization when adjusting the subtitles. Enter a negative number if the subtitles are behind in sound and a positive number if you want to delay the subtitles.

Feeling Like a Pro?

Now that you know all about how to sync subtitles we hope you can enjoy your next movie or show without a problem. Whether you are using a Mac, PC, Android, etc there is a way to have your subtitles synced together.

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