The Most Asked Beauty Questions on Google in 2020

2020 has seen a lot of questions asked on Google. Being stuck at home and unable to hit a medspa forced many people to look for alternative ways to deal with their beauty needs. The resulting searches for everything from DIY spa solutions to how to cut hair professionally have changed how consumers see the beauty world. McKinsey notes that the beauty industry’s long-term outlook remains strong, while the current market seems to be focusing on certain things. In this article, we’ll look at the most asked questions on Google about beauty.

1. How to Cut Men’s Hair at Home

Cutting your hair at home is usually a last-resort tactic for many men. In the virus-ridden situation that is modern society, however, it was all we could do to get a proper haircut. WBNS notes that there was a massive spike in searches on how to perform a DIY hair cut for men on Google. Luckily, most men had a significant other who was willing to take a scissor to their locks to keep them at an appropriate length. We’re in lockdown, after all. There’s no need to descend into barbarism.

2. How To Wash Your Hands

Thanks to information about how effective soap and water were in controlling the spread of COVID-19, many people started to research how to wash their hands properly. It turns out, a lot of individuals have been using the wrong technique for years and didn’t even know. The ideal hand-washing approach would see you using soap and water on your hands for at least twenty seconds. Warm water is preferred, but not necessary. You’re required to wash your hands after contact with a sick person, before and after consuming food, and using the bathroom. It’s also useful before starting on any beauty procedure.

3. How To Apply Hair Color at Home

Applying hair color is an involved process. Most of us go to a professional because of how many steps it takes to get a final result. However, if we’re stuck at home with nothing to do, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility to experiment with it ourselves. When using dye at home, it’s best to start with dirty hair and work the color from the ends up. When it’s completed, you’d be best served by applying a conditioning product to keep your hair supple and easy to manipulate.

More Than Just the Sum of Our Searches

The insights garnered from Google’s dive into what beauty questions come up tells us a lot about our preferences. We value cleanliness and being well-groomed. Men may be the ones most paranoid about letting their hair grow out, and women might be more inclined to color their hair. While these are just speculations based on the results, it’s clear that Google has been a life-saver to many people. It seems that people finally recognize exactly how useful a complete store of humans’ knowledge could benefit them practically. Hopefully, they remember this when they’re not faced with a pandemic that leaves them isolated at home.

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