Top 10 Best Sites like KissAnime Alternatives to Try This Year

It’s probably your love for anime that brought you here to check out some of the best KissAnime alternatives. We completely understand you and your craze for anime movies and cartoons etc. It’s justified because once you are addicted to watching anime and cartoons, there’s no turning back. Luckily, there are several alternatives to KissAnime, and that’s what we are going to talk about today.

For those who don’t know what KissAnime is, it basically is an online anime streaming site with all the cartoon shows, movies, series, and anime videos that you’d ever want to watch. One of the reasons why this platform got so popular was that it was free, and it had literally every anime movie of every genre. You might be wondering, “what happened to KissAnime?” if it was so good, then why look for alternatives?

Is KissAnime Down?

The first question that might be popping in your brain is is this anime platform down? Or is KissAnime safe to use? Well, the answer is “no,” KissAnime is not down, but streaming seamlessly on it can definitely be an issue. Over the past few years, a lot of people have reported issues regarding KissAnime. Some face glitches when using the site, and then there are times when the server is down.

As far as the question “is KissAnime safe?” is concerned, yes, it’s safe to use, but only if you are able to open the site in the first place.

Top 10 Best Alternatives To KissAnime

To save you from all the hassle and pain of watching the error “server down,” we are here with some of the best alternatives to KissAnime. All these other anime streaming platforms are safe to use, and they sure won’t waste your time.

Anime Planet

Looking for sites like KissAnime? Look no further and try Anime-Planet. This streaming site will definitely get you hooked to your screen because it comes with a huge collection of more than 45,000 anime episodes that are totally legal. Whether you are a manga lover or an anime lover, if you want the same experience that you’ve had with KissAnime, Anime-Planet is what you need to try. This site was launched in the year 2001, and since then, it has been the best and the most favorite spot for people.


There are several websites like KissAnime, but we are bringing you the best of the best because we know it’s important for you. AnimeLab is a free anime streaming site that will remind you of KissAnime with its seamless interface and performance.

Wouldn’t you just love streaming your favorite anime movies and cartoons in HD? If yes, then why wait? Head to the official site of AnimeLab and see how things work for you. We can bet on the fact that you’ll fall in love with this streaming site because it really does have a lot to offer, and you won’t be able to resist it.


Animixplay is the platform where you can’t just watch all of your favorite anime, but you can download them too. You don’t have to worry about the language either because animixplay offers English subbed versions of the anime movies too. There are thousands of anime and manga videos available on this platform, and you sure will be impressed with the variety. If you want to pass your free time in the best possible way, watching your favorite movies and shows, then opt for Chia-Anime right away.

Anime Freak

All the manga lovers the Animefreaks, and those individuals looking for anime websites like KissAnime should try Anime Freak. This site claims to provide you with the largest database of anime movies and cartoons. One of the main reasons why we are mentioning this platform to you here is that it comes with the most attractive interface.

The genres are organized; the anime movies and videos are organized. In short, once you visit the site, you won’t be confused with what you want to watch. There are going to be plenty of options in front of you, and you’d be more than happy to find this site.


Looking for sites similar to KissAnime? If yes, then try 9Anime, and you’ll be impressed with this platform. It’s free, it has a wide range of anime movies and cartoons, and the best part is that you don’t even need any registration for it. Yes, you read that, right! You don’t have to get into the hassle of registering yourself or making an account. It’s just that you have to head to 9Anime’s official website and then search their library that’s full of different movies and anime.

Gogo Anime

Yes, it’s true that gogoanime is new in the market, but if you want someplace to enjoy watching anime for free, then you should give it a try. You can even download all of your favorites shows and seasons in different resolutions, starting from 480p to 1080p. The best part about this streaming site is that it has a homepage where all the information about the latest and upcoming shows and movies is available. In a nutshell, you should at least give this site a try once.

Anime Land

The next on the list that we have for you is Anime Land. It’s the best of all anime dubbed sites, and just like the one we mentioned earlier, even this site needs no registration and sign-ups. Just head to the official site and start searching for your favorite anime to watch. You can watch movies on this site both on your PC and your mobile.

This sure is an attractive deal that you won’t be able to resist, right? A platform with all the best anime movies, cartoons, and manga shows, that too, dubbed in English, what else would you want? It’s one of the most visited sites to date because, just like KissAnime, even this one’s free to use.

Anime Karma

Featured Tv shows, top IMDBs, trending movies, at Anime Karma, you’ll find it all and that too, for free. Isn’t it just amazing how you get to watch your favorite cartoon movies without paying a single penny? There are platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime etc. that charge quite a lot of money for people to buy their subscriptions, but when it comes to anime movies and shows, sites like Anime Karma make things easier for you. They demand nothing from you, and all they do is that they provide the best of the best anime shows for the viewers.


One of the most visited, free, and legal anime sites, Animegg, should be on your must-try list because it does deserve a visit from you. On this site, you can get access to thousands of different movies and episodes without worrying about any sign-ups or account registrations. It’s free to use the site, and it is totally worth a try.

The experience with which it comes is seamless, and we can bet on the fact that you’ll find AnimeUltima just similar to KissAnime. It’s the best alternative that we have for you to date, and if you are an anime enthusiast, you should be visiting the site right now.


It’s more of a global community for those who are obsessed with anime. This community is basically built by the anime enthusiasts themselves as they keep sharing their favorite shows here to create a shared repository. It’s not just a site to stream content, but it also is the best place where you can talk to people like you who love watching anime movies, videos, and seasons. People here can guide you about the best movies, and you can even discuss your concerns with them here. It’s more like a community-based platform that you’d love to use.


These are the top 10 best KissAnime alternatives to try this year. No matter which KissAnime alternative you pick out of the ones we mentioned, we assure you that you’d have a great time with it. These sites have no errors, they are bug-free, and they have no glitches at all. The server on which they also run never goes down. In short, these are the sites that you have been looking for for a long time now.

All these sites, similar to KissAnime, are worth a try if you are an anime fanatic. There are thousands, probably millions of people using these sites at the moment, and they are more than happy with their experiences.

So if you’ve already wasted a lot of your time trying to run anime movies on KissAnime and if you really want something that offers a smooth and seamless experience, then try these sites and let us know what you think! These free sites are going to be worth your time, and one thing that we guarantee is that you will end up getting hooked on the screen because that’s what these anime movies do! They are so good that you can’t resist watching them.

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