Know The Importance Of Gaining Night Time Driving Experience

When it comes to licensing laws for vehicle driving, there are several countries out there which require learners to have at least 100 hours of training – which includes training for night-time driving as well. In this case, night-time driving means driving between sunset and sunrise. Such training always poses a very different challenge both for the instructors and learners alike.

The reason is that – the overall depth perception and vision are very much different during the night when compared to during the day. Even though most accidents tend to happen during peak hours, it should come as no surprise that stakes are indeed higher when it comes to night-time driving. Times like these are when you need the support of expert help, such as driving lessons in Coventry services.

Things To Learn About Concerning Night-Time Driving

It should be noted that learners should always be encouraged when it comes to driving practice so that they can experience a variety of driving conditions, including at night. The following are some of the key points to learn about, which will make all the desired difference:

  • Always be diligent about checking traffic and vehicle lights when driving on the road. It should be ensured that all the windows and windshields of the vehicle are clean. This will help in providing improved visibility from both outsides as well as inside of the car.
  • Learn the ability to use high-beam and low-beam, whenever required, so that you can not only keep yourself safe but others as well.
  • The rear-view mirror should be positioned in such a manner that it avoids any reflection of other people’s vehicle headlights.
  • Always keep yourself aware and updated about your environment. These include obstacles, headlights, signage, and such.
  • Try to keep a respectable driving distance between the vehicle in front of you and also behind you as well.
  • When driving in long sessions, try to take frequent breaks to improve your concentration power on the road and thereby reduce any fatigue that might creep in.

Essential Tips & Tricks To Remember

  • When you’ll be starting your driving lessons for the first time, it’s suggested that you take help from a qualified instructor. Each training session should be at least one to three hours of on-road experience. The total amount of road-time required for your driving license will be mentioned by your respective transportation authorities, so be sure to know about the same.
  • The road-time experience should include night-time driving lessons too. Using a log-book will help you cope up with the various calculations about class timings.
  • Try to opt-in for driving lesson packages when getting into a driving school, which will help you reach your milestones more efficiently and smoothly.

Learn more about the best practices to carry out if you are a night driver, on this website:

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