Importance of Going for Routine Medical Check-Ups

Everyone desires to live a comfortable life. There are times, though, that chronic conditions may hinder your ability to do so. Some health conditions, like hypertension, do not portray any symptoms and can only be monitored through routine checks. Kalpana Desai, MD is an experienced family practice physician in Lady Lake who strives to offer her patients various treatment options to relieve their symptoms and lead a comfortable life. Dr. Desai advocates for routine check-ups for all her patients to help them know their potential of being affected by a medical condition and how best to manage the symptoms.

The various services Dr.Desai and her team of experts offer their vast population of patients includes:

Men’s Health

No matter your gender, contacting your doctor for routine check-ups is essential. These regular checks will help you identify potential health risks before they escalate into a severe health condition you know nothing about. When you visit your physician for a health assessment and evaluation, the professional will make sure you are up-to-date with possible vaccinations you could need to protect your health and check on your other vitals, including your blood pressure.

During the health evaluation, your doctor could also screen you for men’s health concerns like STDs and prostate cancer.


A diabetic patient will affirm that having this blood sugar condition can drastically affect life, resulting in severe health complications. Having the condition means that your body has issues using the insulin your pancreas produces, or your body cannot produce enough insulin. In some cases, your pancreas completely fails to produce insulin.

As part of your diagnosis, the physician will perform a thorough physical exam, look into your family history and discuss your symptoms. Though diabetes is incurable, your doctor will help you manage your symptoms and balance your sugar levels. The physician will then design a personalized treatment plan to suit your goals. The plan may be a combination of traditional and natural treatment options.

Additionally, she will incorporate a dietary plan and physical exercises in your lifestyle management strategies.

High Blood Pressure

Also known as hypertension or HBP, this condition is fatal if you fail to contact a specialist to help you manage it. Hypertension occurs when you record unhealthy high-pressure levels for longer periods. The high force exerted on your blood vessels’ walls as the blood leaves your heart can cause your arteries to collapse. HBP does not have symptoms and can kill you at any time. The only way you will know if your pressure is high is through regular testing.

Hypertension has so many risk factors that you might never know of. High pressures make your blood vessels work more than they need to, resulting in tears in your arteries. As the damage progresses, cholesterol attaches to the tears, narrowing the arteries. Your narrow arteries will automatically increase your blood pressure, making you susceptible to several health issues, including stroke.

When your doctor detects HBP early, she will recommend regular pressure readings to help you notice possible changes.

Contacting your doctor for routine checks should not be due to an underlying condition. Health assessment and evaluation will help the professional detect diseases early and find a way to prevent the symptoms from escalating to a chronic state. For more inquiries, contact the experts at Integrated Family Medical Center by scheduling an appointment online or calling the office.

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