Who is an Obstetrician-Gynecologist?

An obstetrician-gynecologist is a doctor who takes care of pregnant women, helps them to deliver their baby, and cares for the new mother for a few weeks after they have delivered. An obstetrician-gynecologist also deals with health matters that are related to your reproductive system. Your OB-GYN checks for cancer, infections such as STD’s, pelvic pain, and urinary tract problems. For the best obstetrician-gynecologist to take care of your pregnancy, consider Dr. Torres OBGYN. The below paragraph explains the duties and responsibilities of an obstetrician-gynecologist.

Duties and Responsibilities of an OB-GYN

An obstetrician-gynecologist serves two fields of specialization, which are obstetric and gynecology. The work of an obstetric is to help a pregnant woman to deliver a healthy baby by taking concern about her health issues. On the other hand, the work of a gynecologist is to diagnose and treat women’s reproductive system and breast issues. What an OB-GYN does as an obstetrician is to run a variety of tests to monitor your health. Ultrasound imaging is used to ensure that your baby is at the right position in the uterus; blood tests are done to confirm that your blood sugar is not high or low; and your blood pressure is monitored regularly. Gestational diabetes during pregnancy can lead to nerve damage, and also it can cause severe complications to the baby. If high blood pressure is not managed, it can cause heart problems and stroke. Apart from keeping an eye on developing diseases, the OB-GYN also advises you about a balanced diet.

As a gynecologist, your doctor concentrates on the wellness of your reproductive system. Since you might not be suffering from any reproductive system disease, your doctor will concentrate on preventive measures. When having sex with your partner, always use protection to avoid sexually transmitted diseases. Often when you acquire STIs, they develop slowly and can go unnoticed. However, they affect your cervical walls and the uterus severely to the extent you can have trouble getting pregnant or lose your baby if you are already pregnant. Your obstetrician-gynecologist performs several blood tests to check the presence of reproductive diseases. Below are the complications that may arise during pregnancy.

There are several diseases that may develop during pregnancy. However, it is not all women who incur diseases during pregnancy. These diseases can develop on their own, but according to research, most of these develop if you had the same complications previously. Moreover, you can incur complications during delivery. Normal delivery is the best, but if your cervical walls are small and non-elastic, your obstetrician-gynecologist can recommend a cesarean delivery. They include:

  • Gestational diabetes
  • Varicose veins
  • Spider veins
  • High blood pressure
  • Preeclampsia
  • Preterm labor

An obstetrician-gynecologist is responsible for providing excellent health care to a pregnant woman. If you are not taken care of during pregnancy, you can develop diseases that can harm you and your baby. For a caring and competent obstetrician-gynecologist, consult Suncoast Women’s Care. They offer great services at a fair price.

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