Comprehensive Diabetic Foot Care in Las Vegas, NV

Individuals who have diabetes are often prone to foot complications. Poor foot health is a sign of the disease becoming severe. Diabetic foot is a severe chronic illness that requires careful daily management. At Battle Born Bone & Joint Center, the expert podiatrists offer comprehensive diabetic foot care in Las Vegas to lower your diabetic foot disease risk and assist you in staying healthy. For more information about diabetic foot care services, call or book an appointment online today.

What Is Diabetic Foot Disease?

Diabetes refers to a condition that results from abnormal levels of blood glucose. The high blood glucose levels can cause destruction throughout the body, including your feet and legs. Diabetic foot disease includes various diabetes-related conditions that can cause severe damage and even result in amputation.

What Is Diabetic Foot Care?

If you have diabetes, small issues such as ingrown toenails or cuts can fast become a severe infection. Comprehensive diabetic foot care is a treatment option that keeps you stay mobile and prevents severe complications like amputation. Diabetic foot care consists of primary foot care, such as toenail trimming and continuous monitoring of your foot health. The team at Battle Born Bone & Joint Center offers prompt care for common foot issues and continues to observe your foot health for signs of diabetic foot disease.

What Do Diabetics Require to Do for Comprehensive Foot Care?

Your provider will determine the best foot care routine to follow. The regular recommended habits you will be advised to do either daily or regularly include moisturizing your feet, inspecting your feet, cutting your toenails carefully, washing your feet in warm water, and avoiding calluses and corns alone. For people with diabetes, the smallest scratch or sore on their foot can result in infection. Your doctor will advise you on the best routine for your feet.

Can Diabetic Foot Care Prevent Surgery?

If you have diabetes, comprehensive care for your feet can lessen the requirement for surgery. Because the nerves are damaged, sores and pain often go undetected in the feet. Proper health and careful foot care will help you avoid diabetes complications that might lead to surgery.

What Are the Available Comprehensive Diabetic Foot Care Options?

During your initial appointment, your provider starts by performing a comprehensive foot exam. They will then discuss your diabetes and the steps for managing your condition. If you have any foot concerns or problems with your foot health, they will discuss effective treatment options. The team at Battle Born Bone & Joint Center also offers guidelines to prevent developing the disease, like examining your feet daily and appropriately moisturizing. They might recommend using protective items including shoe inserts, soft casts, shoes with extra cushion and protection in the toe area, and compression socks. Bone infections can be observed with an X-ray.

To sum up, getting total and complete treatment for your feet when you have diabetes is often not offered as much consideration as required, but many complications can happen if you have diabetes. To speak to a diabetic foot specialist about your foot health, call or book an appointment online with Battle Born Bone & Joint Center today.

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