How To Stage Your Home With Mirrors To Sell

The United States is going through a housing boom. There are simply not enough homes to satisfy demand for housing. For homeowners who want to take advantage of the boom and cash in, staging your home is a vital step toward getting a deal over the line. We’ve found that using mirrors in staging helps to accentuate your home’s lighting and space, making it sell faster. Some experts believe that mirror staging is one of the top ways to add value to your home. Here’s how you can use mirror staging.

1. Use a functional, Yet Beautiful Statement Piece

You need one statement piece that will draw everything and everyone in. A piece that summarizes the aesthetic that you are going for. My suggestion is a large, richly decorated mirror, possibly vintage or with a vintage design. Italian mirrors with frames of golden acanthus leaves are a favorite of mine. Venetian mirrors with emeralds, sapphires and rubies are another favorite. You want a show stopper. In addition, a big mirror will increase the sense of space, adding value to your home.

2. Pay Attention to the Reflection

You want your mirrors to reflect beautiful things. There’s no point using mirrors for staging if everything they reflect is ugly. You are selling a vision of what your home can be, and you have to be imaginative about tapping into its possibilities. You’re there to make it easy for homebuyers. Show them what your home can be. So pay attention to what your mirrors reflect. You can either place the mirror near windows so they reflect the outdoors, or, place it across some beautiful artworks or Wellington’s Leather Furniture, or even a door so that it entices the buyer to want to see the next room.

3. Place a Mirror Near the Entryway

Mirrors create a sense of space in a place that can often feel cramped: the entryway. This is any buyer’s first encounter with your home, and greeting them with a space-accentuating mirror is a wonderful idea. Keep the area around the entryway mirror as sparse as possible. Only the most essential items should be there.

4. Stage Your Exterior

You can also use mirrors to accentuate the space in your garden. You can place a mirror against a wall, or even a fence, so that it reflects a beautiful part of your garden and accentuates the sense of space.

A mirror by your garden is especially good if you are looking to enhance a small garden.

5. Don’t Overdo it With the Mirrors

After an article where we emphasized the importance of using mirrors to stage your home, this is where we say, “Don’t overdo it!” Curate how many mirrors you have in your home.You’re selling a home not the Hall of Mirrors. What you want to do is to strategically use the mirrors in your home.

Mirrors are a vital part of staging, but they should be used within limitations. So think in terms of using them to highlight specific parts of the home that you believe deserve to be highlighted.

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