How to Find Top-Rated Dash Cameras for Your Fleet (And Why You Need Them)

Did you know that 6 million road accidents happen every year in the US? It doesn’t exactly fill you with confidence about getting behind the wheel, right?

And it can be downright terrifying for business owners who rely on their fleet of vehicles to distribute their products or services! Any issues that arise could result in expensive repairs, delays, or, in worst-case scenarios, litigation.

Thankfully, top-rated dash cameras can make a difference. An almighty incentive for safer driving and a perfect way to gather evidence of wrongdoing, they can deliver much-needed peace of mind.

But first, you need to find the best ones for the job…

If you’re looking for help with that daunting task, then you’re in the right place. In this article, we’re going through some top tips for finding the best dash cameras possible for your fleet. Check them out!

The Benefits of Dash Cameras

Finding it hard to justify the expense of top-rated dash cameras? We’re here to help. Before we get into some tips for choosing them, let’s dive into a few key advantages of using dashcams in the first place.

Gathering Evidence

Today’s roads are full of irresponsible drivers who put other peoples’ vehicles (and lives) at risk. Whether they’re speeding, undertaking, or weaving in and out of traffic, they’re literally an accident waiting to happen.

Having a dashcam means you have supporting evidence if/when something does go wrong. Not only is this invaluable if you go to court, but it also helps law enforcement find the perpetrator and bring them to justice.

Improved Driving

Of course, dash cams don’t just record other peoples’ reckless driving. They record whatever the vehicle they’re fitted in does as well! That means any dangerous behavior by the drivers in your fleet will be caught on camera for you to see.

As you can imagine, that’s a significant incentive for your employees to drive safely. This, in turn, reduces the risk of accidents, complaints from the public, and so on.

Cheaper Insurance

We don’t have to tell you how expensive it can be to insure a vehicle these days, let alone an entire fleet of them! Thankfully, having a dashcam in each vehicle can help bring the cost down.

Why? Because insurers recognize the incentive they provide for safer driving. If you can prove they’re installed in your fleet, then you can expect a much lower quote.

How to Choose Top-Rated Car Dash Cameras

With no shortage of dash cams on the shelves these days, knowing which ones to buy can be a challenge. Don’t worry, though, we’ve got you covered! In this section, we’ll go through a number of key considerations for finding top-rated dash cameras.

Stick to Commercial Options

Dashcams aimed at the consumer market have considerable differences from those intended for commercial use. So, don’t just hop onto Amazon and buy the first one you see! It’s unlikely to be fit for purpose.

Instead, you need a dashcam that’s purpose-built for commercial fleets. They’re more robust and offer unique features, such as connecting to a telematics device that detects safety-related events (e.g. speeding). Thanks to their Wi-Fi connectivity, they then auto-upload this safety footage to the cloud.

Know Your Configurations

Dash cameras come in a host of configurations, including forward-facing, dual-facing, exterior, and interior. These are somewhat self-explanatory!

Mounted on your windshield, forward-facing cameras only record the road in front of the car, which is useful if privacy’s a concern. Top-rated dual cash cameras are also fitted to the windshield, but have two lenses: one for recording the road; the other to record the cab. These are ideal for exonerating (or holding accountable) drivers because you can see them driving attentively (or not!) at the time of an accident.

As for interior cams, you fit them anywhere inside the vehicle or its trailer. They’re ideal for ensuring passengers are wearing seatbelts, for example, or capturing footage of cargo theft. Finally, exterior cameras record the road around the vehicle, which is particularly useful in the event of sideswiping problems.

Decide Your Features

Top-rated dash cameras come with a host of high-tech features nowadays. So, having decided on the right configuration for your fleet, it’s time to find models that offer the necessary extras.

For example, do you want dash cams that harness the power of artificial intelligence? It might seem excessive, but AI can pick up on safety risks without the usual g-force triggers. This allows you to educate your drivers on dangerous behavior behind the wheel.

Internet connectivity’s another handy feature. You’ll pay more for the privilege, yet modern dash cams can connect to the internet, upload to the cloud, and deliver almost instant access to the footage. It’s a bit like having a live dash camera, making it ideal for monitoring your fleet.

Focus on Resolution

It almost goes without saying, but it’s in your interest to avoid low-resolution dash cameras. The price tag might make them tempting, but the pixelated footage they record will make life ten times harder!

Stick to models that record in full HD instead- especially if you’re buying forward-facing cameras. Everything from seeing what’s happening on the road ahead to identifying peoples’ license plates will be much simpler.

Time to Buy Top-Rated Dash Cameras

In a world where car accidents are all too common, having a way to record what’s happening on the road serves all sorts of useful functions. Enter the role of dash cameras! From reducing insurance premiums and exonerating your drivers, to convicting dangerous road users, these handy devices help your cause in myriad ways.

The tricky part’s choosing ones that are suitable for the task. With any luck, though, the insights in this article will help you do it. Keep them in mind and you’ll have kitted out your fleet with top-rated dash cameras in no time.

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