Hey, what’s wrong in your signage board?

You started a business, set up the office, got the best services and products ready and even did everything to advertise (signboards included!) Still, there’s not much exposure to your brand outside. And most probably it is because you aren’t being noticed widely through your signage board. But you just designed it and it looks perfect! Well, actually, that may not be the case.

Ø Some mistakes that can make your signage boomerang!

You may have possibly read a lot of blogs about designing attractive and appealing signage. That’s good! They tell you all that you should do while drafting and positioning the best signages. But, today, let’s read about what you shouldn’t do while designing and putting up your signages.

o Weak readability —Selecting some fonts and color contrasts for your official signage seems simple on a paper or on a screen. But these do change a lot when they are put to practice. For example, yellow and white in a cursive font can be so charming on print and paper, but imagine the same on a board — can you read it easily? Well, check if the readability quotient is low in your signage board!

o Improper and untidily designed signage— A digital signage that doesn’t show the graphics properly or a billboard that’s pretty untidy is neither good for your brand’s reputation nor attracts customers. Well, make sure you don’t succumb to such an error. Most of the time, companies designing the signages improperly are to be blamed for it. Always appoint the best signage companies. In Sydney, World Advertising ensures that the graphics, design, and the overall presentation of the signage exude perfection due to their expertise, experience, and brilliance.

o Overwhelming the boards — We know you are eager to show off everything you pride yourself on to your consumers to attract them. And you’ll even want them pretty swiftly to contact you and therefore put up your phone number, address and so much more on the board. Actually, this is what you did wrong! What if you get to see the entire movie in a trailer? Will it still seem good? Being precise is the key to good signage!

o Bad grammar and spelling errors — Let this go without saying a word. A mere glance would tell you what’s wrong in your signage board if you see a spelling mistake or a grammatical error! I Imagine writing a treatment for “here” instead of “her” outside a salon! Doom for the business for sure!

o Improper placement of the signage — Say, your signage board is perfect but still not helping you much! Let’s see where you placed it? If it’s under a shield how can you even imagine someone reading it? And if it’s too high, don’t expect the customers to hire a ladder or crane their neck like a giraffe to read that!

Now that you know what could be wrong in your signage boards, don’t waste more time and opportunity! Rectify them immediately to gain maximum benefits from it for your business.

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