Effective Methods for Sagging Headliner Repair

Headlining or headliner is a fabric that is attached to the roof of a car to give it a good look, absorb sound, and maintain the vehicle’s interior temperature. No matter how well-built the automobiles are, their parts are going to break down someday. Similarly, car headliners also tend to start sagging, and you might wonder why that happened. There could be many reasons for the roofline to sag. Cars require frequent maintenance and care. Poor maintenance can be lead to sagging of the headliner. Overheating of the vehicle, dampness, and an old car can also lead to sagging. One of the reasons could also be extreme weather conditions that dissolve the glue that holds down the fabric to the roof resulting in it coming out. However, this problem can be easily solved. You can either get it repaired from the service providers or do it yourself. Here are some ways that might help you restore the drooping headliner.

  1. Gluing: One of the easiest and oldest ways to fix the roof is by gluing the fabric back to the roof lining. It will work well with a small part of the material that is sagging from the corners.
  2. Pinning: Another easy fix for a minor sagging fabric is pinning it down to the roof. You may use any variety of pins (soft board pins or twist pins) and tuck the material back to the roof lining.
  3. Double-sided tape: Here’s another simple fix to the sagging headliner. Re-secure the cloth to the roof with the help of double-sided tape. Directly stick the tape on the roof lining and remove the top sticker to attach the fabric on it.

These are some relatively easy fixes to the sagging headliner issues. However, every method may work for a different situation. Most importantly, these are temporary fixes, and the problem may persist later. Hence to prevent the problem from recurring, the best method is to get the headliner fixed with the help of an expert.

Professional Headliner Repair

Several car repairers in Australia also provide services for sagging headliner repair and replacement. They carry specific tools along with their skills and years of experience and apply a permanent fix to the problem. So, you don’t have to keep a check on the headliners now and then, and you don’t have to worry about it re-occurring. Their services are always of a reasonable price with guaranteed results. Also, they fix the headliner in a way that it appears like it was never sagging.


Sagging headliners can be annoying as they cause a hindrance and seek attention while driving. They ruin the appearance of your car. By applying the above fixing methods, you can rest assured and get the headliner to look normal again.

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