Wood flowers: Art of this age

Since ages, man has craved to achieve big in life. This started from as simple as to light a fire for the very first time up to stepping onto the moon. This event didn’t stop at all and to date, people are rushing towards some fore objective that could turn their life easy and innovative. One of the examples of this mindset lies within wood flowers. As the name suggests, they are made up of natural wood yet nothing lesser than natural flowers. you can simply try to make them in your desired shape and form and they are all ready to spread positivity around you. Trust us. Wood flowers are made from tapioca wood which is obtained while getting starch out of tapioca tree in the gummy mass. Later, this bark is treated and turned into sheets. Further, it is cut down into pieces and then used to make a variety of designs and shapes of flowers. This is something worth trying for. Currently, people throughout the world are using these flowers because they offer you everything by which you can claim that even handmade flowers can be brought to life. With this much perks, we know you would want to learn about how can you simply bring mere wood pieces to life. Here, in this blog, we will share some pro tips and methods that will broaden up your vision and you will incredibly learn about sola wood flowers. so, what are you waiting for? Be ready to look at the wonderful journey ahead.

start doing magic with wooden flowers

As a beginner, you might be confused about how to do wonders with this. Even if you have learned it, maybe you are looking for some pro tips to bring ease to your life. No doubt, wooden flowers are easy to manage yet you need to be very considerate while handling them. We will brief you with some amazing details of how you can try to have wondered with colors. Above all, you need to be creative while choosing colors. Here are certain points that you must keep in mind while you begin to paint your sola wooden flowers. Let’s get started!

  • Be playful with combinations

Why don’t you try to mix some amazing tint and add up to your wooden flowers? Yes, you can. You will be amazed to see how lovely your wood flowers will look in this way. You can be playful with designs but keep in mind, your ideas must be practical.

  • Try to apply a limited amount of paint

Since these are very delicate flowers, you can’t simply add huge amounts of dye to it. This can result in a disaster and damage to your masterpieces. Try to put on only a limited amount of paint on these wooden flowers.

  • Paint type

You can try both latex paint and spray paint while painting these sola wood flowers. it is better to use spray paint if you are a beginner because latex might seem difficult to manage. They are long-lasting and even tends to dry up easily. This can be worth doing for. So, this is a hack that you must try to apply.

  • Brushes must be adequately soft

Whatever brush you use to dye your wood flower, make sure you use soft brushes. The hard one can simply damage the woody shape of flowers and you might end up regretting your action. Therefore, you also need to be very specific when you choose a brush.


Sola wood flowers are one of the most wonderful art that has been employed by people for ages. You can easily learn about how to make wood flower them and apply in your daily life. These wooden flowers are something worth trying for. You can even try to pick a variety of designs of wood flowers. In the end, you should remember that these flowers are worth making and you will enjoy them once you are done. Have faith.

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