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If you’re looking for a reliable source of news and information, Whatfinger is worth checking out. The website has a team of dedicated editors who fact-check stories before they’re published, so you can be sure that the information you’re getting is accurate. Whatfinger also offers informative videos and podcasts to help keep you up to date on the latest developments in world events. Whether interested in politics, business, or international affairs, Whatfinger has something for everyone.

There are several different sources of news and information, each with its strengths and weaknesses. If you’re looking for a site that provides accurate, unbiased reporting, then Whatfinger is worth checking out.

Whatfinger Top Alternatives


Breitbart.com is a conservative news and opinion website founded in 2007 by Andrew Breitbart. The site has become one of the most-read sources of right-wing news and commentary on the internet, with its content often being cited by Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and other conservative media outlets.

While Breitbart.com does provide some interesting insights into current events, it also has a history of publishing false or misleading information. In January 2017, for example, the site was forced to retract a story that claimed President Obama had wiretapped Trump Tower during the 2016 presidential election campaign. This inaccurate reporting makes Breitbart less reliable than reputable news sources like CNN or The New York Times.


The Gateway Pundit is one of the internet’s most popular conservative news platforms and the top alternative to Whatfinger. It was founded in 2004 by Jim Hoft and has become a go-to source for right-wing news and opinion. The site claims to have an audience of over 15 million readers per month, making it one of the most highly trafficked political websites in America.

The Gateway Pundit is typically characterized as a pro-Trump platform, and indeed Trump himself has been known to reference their articles favorably on Twitter. However, the site also offers commentary from writers across the ideological spectrum, so it can hardly be said to exist solely within any single camp or perspective. Rather than taking a dogmatic stand on every issue, The Gateway Pundit provides its readers with both sides of each story – allowing them to come to their conclusions about what’s going on in politics and world affairs.

This approach seems to be working well for them. At the same time, other conservative sites have seen traffic declines since Trump took office (largely – though not exclusively – to widespread dissatisfaction with him among right-wingers); the Gateway Pundit continues to grow rapidly. This may be partially due to their willingness to embrace new technologies and trends.


The Liberty Daily is a website dedicated to promoting freedom and liberty just like Whatfinger. It provides news and commentary on current events, as well as important information on how to protect your rights and liberties. The articles on the site are well-written, informative, and interesting. I have found it to be a valuable resource for learning about the latest developments in the fight for freedom and gaining insight into what people all over America are doing to promote liberty.

One of the things you will like about The Liberty Daily is its commitment to principle. The editors believe in freedom and liberty and refuse to compromise their values or principles to appease political correctness or mainstream opinion. This makes the site a bastion of truth in an age where so many people seem content with following along with whatever everyone else is doing without thinking critically for themselves.

The Liberty Daily doesn’t just focus on national politics; it covers stories from all over America relating to big-picture issues and everyday occurrences that affect our freedoms here at home. This gives readers a comprehensive understanding of what’s happening around us locally and nationally, which helps you become better-informed citizens who can make more informed decisions about how you want your country to run.


americanthinker.com is a website that discusses current events and politics from an American conservative perspective similar to Whatfinger. The website has opinion pieces, news articles, and editorials on various topics. americanthinker.com also features blogs written by its staff and guest bloggers, which offer additional insights into the site’s editorial stance on various issues.

It is one of the most informative websites regarding understanding conservative thinking in America today. The articles are well-written and provide information about current events and how they relate to conservatism. The site doesn’t shy away from discussing controversial topics like abortion or gun control. Instead, it presents different viewpoints civilly so that readers can make their own informed decisions based on all the facts available.

Overall, americanthinker.com is an excellent source of information for anyone interested in learning more about conservatism in America or just keeping up with what’s happening in the world from a conservative point of view.


There is a lot to say about PJ Media – not only is it one of the leading news sites covering culture, politics, and faith today, but its very existence represents something of an ideological victory against those on the left who have long tried to shut down conservative voices. That’s why writing an exhaustive essay about this website feels like more than just an assignment; it’s also a way of giving credit where credit is due.

PJ Media was founded in 2006 by veteran journalist Roger Simon as a response to what he saw as growing bias in American media coverage. Intending it as “a vehicle for original reporting and provocative analysis from a multiplicity of perspectives,” Simon brought together some top-notch writers and commentators, including Patrick Buchanan, Mona Charen, Jonah Goldberg, and Ann Coulter (to name but a few), with the site quickly gaining popularity among conservatives frustrated with the traditional Beltway punditry landscape dominated by liberal outlets like The New York Times and NPR. It wasn’t long before PJ Media established itself as one of the most respected sources for insightful political commentary available anywhere on the web.

In addition to its flagship political section, PJMedia covers everything from breaking news stories and cultural happenings to technology developments and investing.


Townhall.com is one of the leading conservative news sources on the internet today, same as you see on Whatfinger. They provide breaking news stories, insightful political commentary, and up-to-date information on the latest happenings in Washington D.C., and around the country. In addition to their hard-hitting political articles, Townhall also publishes informative pieces on financial topics, health and wellness, parenting advice, and more! The site is a valuable resource for conservatives of all stripes and makes it easy for readers to keep up with what’s going on in politics while enjoying other aspects of life.


There’s a reason Twitchy is one of the most popular news aggregators on the internet. The site always has up-to-date information, and its team of editors curates the best content across social media in real-time. Whether you’re looking for breaking news, hot takes, or funny memes, Twitchy will have something to keep you entertained. And if there’s ever something too important to wait for an official report, Twitchy is your go-to source for independent investigative journalism.


Zero Hedge is a financial blog started in 2009. The site offers news and opinion on markets, economics, politics, and global affairs. Zero Hedge has been described as an “alternative media” website.

The site was founded by three anonymous hedge fund managers who wanted to create a platform that would offer an alternative view to the mainstream media’s coverage of the financial crisis. 

Since its inception, Zero Hedge has become one of the most popular online finance blogs, attracting millions of readers each month. The site has also been controversial at times due to its conspiratorial tone and its close ties to right-wing political groups in the United States


NewsMax.com is a conservative news outlet that is an alternative to mainstream media sources like CNN, Whatfinger, and MSNBC. It was founded in 1998 by Christopher Ruddy, who previously worked for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

While NewsMax leans conservative, it does provide some impartial coverage, which has allowed it to remain popular among conservatives and independents alike. The site offers original reporting and aggregated articles from other sources, including Fox News, Breitbart, and the Associated Press.

In addition to its website, Newsmax also operates a cable channel (the “Newsmax TV”) and radio station (the “Newsmax Radio”). Overall, NewsMax claims to reach more than 30 million people each month with its content.


Lucianne.com is one of the oldest and most popular conservative news websites on the internet today. It was founded in 1998 by Lucianne Goldberg, a New York-based literary agent who became well known for her role in the Monica Lewinsky scandal. The website gets an estimated 2 million unique visitors each month and offers both original contents as well as aggregated articles from other sources.

While lucianne.com has a decidedly conservative slant, it also features stories from various angles and provides a much-needed alternative to more liberal mainstream media outlets like CNN or MSNBC. Many believe that lucianne.com played an important role in helping to get Donald Trump elected president in 2016 by providing unbiased coverage of his campaign and Hillary Clinton’s scandals.


Overall, Whatfinger Alternatives is a great resource for better news coverage. With its large selection of sources, users can quickly and easily get a well-rounded view of current events from all angles. Additionally, the site’s layout is easy to navigate and makes finding specific stories quick and easy.

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