What Do Obstetrics Services Include?

Las Vegas is famously known as being America’s playground. The city has many obstetrics specialists who are vital to keeping Las Vegas families healthy and safe. An obstetrician is a physician who has extensive training in women’s reproductive health. They are also one of the most sought-after doctors for pregnant women and new mothers. A Las Vegas OB/GYN offers obstetrics services which include the following:

Infertility Treatment

Infertility treatment is one of the most common obstetrics services in Las Vegas. The city has over a dozen infertility specialists who can diagnose and treat patients from onsite labs. They offer fertility tests such as semen analysis, egg retrieval, artificial insemination, and more.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Las Vegas also has several fertility specialists who offer hormone replacement therapy to balance hormones, especially women. Hormones are the basis for many female conditions, so doctors must have extensive knowledge about them. These experts can help patients with polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis, and more.

Birth Control

A fallopian tube obstruction is one of the most common causes of infertility which occurs when the Fallopian tubes are blocked by either scar tissue or foreign objects, like IUDs. When this happens, it can make it difficult or even impossible to get pregnant. An OB/GYN in Las Vegas is trained to perform surgery on blockages to clear them. Las Vegas obstetrics services also include birth control. An OB/GYN can fit women with birth control implants, IUDs and even prescribe the pill. Obstetrics are key players in helping a woman choose a form of contraception that is right for them.

Abnormal Uterine Bleeding

In addition to birth control, obstetric services also include the diagnosis and treatment of abnormal uterine bleeding. Uterine bleeding can become heavy, irregular, or even stop altogether. A specialist can help determine what is causing it by performing an ultrasound to check for fibroids, polyps, cancerous cells, or other irregularities. The doctor will then use blood tests to check hormone levels, genetic testing to ensure no mutations in the uterus or cervix, and other tests to rule out any problems.

Physical Changes During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, women can have physical changes that include acne, hair loss, headaches, sore muscles, weight gain/loss, nipple tenderness, or irritation. An OB/GYN who offers obstetrics can help pregnant women manage these symptoms and reduce them if they become severe.

Maternity Care

When it is time for the baby to arrive, an OB/GYN will ensure everything goes smoothly. The OB/GYN will assess the patient’s IV status, blood pressure, fetal heart rate, and other factors to determine whether the mother and child are medically safe. They will also make sure that women who choose to deliver naturally receive professional and personalized care.

Las Vegas OB/GYNs offer a variety of obstetrics services throughout pregnancy and even after delivery. It is critical for women to consult with an experienced doctor as soon as they think they may be pregnant. Doing so can help identify potential problems early so that the mother and baby stay safe throughout pregnancy and delivery.

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