United States: Protests continue for the seventh day against the death of black George Floyd

Protests against the death of black American Judge Floyd continued for the seventh day in a row in the United States, with clashes between forces and protesters taking place, with dozens of protesters arrested.

The rage over George Floyd’s brutal murder did not subside when US police opened fire and killed another black man, eyewitnesses have denied claims that police arrived to control the protesters, the mayor revealed that all the uniformed cameras were off.

Following his death, the city’s police chief was fired.

Curfews are in place in 40 US cities and National Guards in 23 cities.

US President Donald Trump has threatened to use force against governors, urging them to take control of the situation.

Trump’s remarks have provoked strong reactions, with political rivals calling him a dictator and Pentagon officials opposing the use of force against the people.

Trump has also been criticized for visiting the church on fire.

Ansugas and rubber bullets were fired at peaceful protesters to pave the way for the US president.

Military helicopters were flown at low altitudes in Washington to disperse protesters.

In New York, looting continued for a second day, while expensive stores in Manhattan were destroyed and emptied.

An independent autopsy by George, Floyd has revealed the cause of death was suffocating, while the role of the officers accompanying the strangled officer has also been clarified.

The Attorney General of Minnesota, who is handling the case has assured that the case will be reconsidered.

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