Social activist Tamica Mallory’s speech went viral on the Internet

In the United States, social activist Tamica Mallory’s speech against the death of black man George Floyd has gone viral on the internet, in which she addressed extremist white people and said that we have learned violence from you.

The social worker said in his speech that the buildings were burning because the city, the state was preferring to preserve the white supremacist mindset instead of accusing the four officials of murder. They were arrested for killing an innocent black man.

The social worker said that this is the reality we are facing, it is not just a matter of some policemen who are doing such things across the country, this is not a competition between good policemen and bad policemen.

He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

“It’s in New York City. In New York, we were fighting police officers who were killing black people on our streets in the name of social distance,” he said.

“All this is being done under a coordinated activity across the country, so we are in a state of emergency, black people are dying in an emergency, we don’t see it as a separate incident,” he said.

“Buildings aren’t just burning because of our brother George Floyd, they’re burning because people here in Minnesota are telling people in New York, California, and across the country that’s enough,” said, Tamica Mallory.

“We are not responsible for the mental illness that afflicts our people, because of the US government, the institutions, and the individuals who have the power,” he said.

Social activist Temica Mallory raised the question of where they were when Fernando Castile was shot in the car. These people actually represent him. Where were they?

“If you are not coming to help people, then don’t challenge us,” he said.

“You pay the provoked people to mix with our people to break windows, burn buildings and young people are responding to all that is angry,” he alleged.

Social activist Tamika Mallory suggested that there was an easy way to end it all: arrest the police, charge the police, charge all the police.

“Not just some police officers, not just the Minnesota police, but police officers in every city in the United States where our people are being killed,” he said.

He said that you say that this country is for everyone, but this country is not for black people, we are tired, don’t talk about returning from us because you are the looters.

“America has robbed black people. When Americans came here, they robbed their natives because that’s what you do,” he said.

“We learned violence from you. If you want us to get better, you get better,” said social activist Temika Mallory.

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