Treating The Ingrown Toenail Problem – Suggestions Of A New York Podiatrist

An ingrown toenail is a condition where the tip of the toenail pierces the skin surrounding it as it grows inwardly into the skin. The big toe is more prone to this condition, and if not treated early, it can result in some serious infections. It is when the help of a podiatrist is needed.

John Jurcisin, DPM, ABPS, FACFAS, is one of the many expert podiatrists associated with Precision Foot Care in New York. They will handle the foot and ankle issues and be experts in handling the ingrown toenail problem. You can book an appointment with this Midtown East ingrown toenail specialist when you feel even a slight pain in your big toenail region.


Calluses from the shoes, fungal infections in the nails, etc., are some of the major causes of an ingrown toenail. The other causes of this issue include,

  • Poor foot hygiene
  • Cutting of the toenails either too long or too short
  • Some of the activities such as skiing, dancing, soccer, etc., and other such activities include the constant usage of toes.
  • Injury in the toenail
  • Improper cutting of the toenail
  • Curved toenails
  • Wearing improper sized footwear


The commonly diagnosed symptoms of ingrown toenail issues are listed below.

  • Cracked nails, thick nails, and yellowing nails because of the fungal infections
  • Hardening or redness in the skin surrounding the big toenail
  • Overgrowth of inflamed toenails, new toenails, or toenail edges
  • Swelling
  • Pus-filled abscess and punctured skin
  • Pain because of touching the area
  • The surrounding skin of the toenail feels hot or warm
  • Bleeding, throbbing, or fluid oozing from the region
  • Foul smell

Risks from the infection

The bacterial infection, fungal infection, or infection from other such microbes is common in the infected region because of an ingrown toenail. The prolonged infection can result in causing severe effects and can even make your podiatrist go with the idea of amputation.

The infection in the big toenail can hinder the healthy flow of blood to the infected region. There will be no flow of blood containing nutrients to the infected region. As a result, the infected region will become more infected and turn into gangrene as well.


Add some Epsom salt to the warm water and let your infected foot soak in it. Soaking for some time will let the pus cells go out of the infected region.

Follow the habit of applying antifungal or antibacterial lotion to the infected region. You should cover the surrounding region of the toenail thoroughly for the lotion to work successfully.

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