The different types of materials used for making pipes you should know of

In this article, I am gonna tell you about types of materials used for making pipes and more intrusted staff. You might be surprised to know that humans have been using pipes for smoking tobacco for thousands of years. Smoking pipes look so vintage because they are being used for many years. The first smoking pipe belongs to 500BC, and there are speculations that smoking pipes might be much older than that.

With time, smoking pipes have gone through a significant transformation, but the basic functioning and mechanics of smoking pipes are still the same. Still, in the modern era, smoking pipes are popular and used by many smokers from all around the world.

Throughout the existence of smoking pipes, there have been many materials used for making these fantastic-looking pipes. Earlier, pipes were made from stones only, but in the modern era, there is a wide array of materials used for making smoking pipes.

Well, if you are thinking that at the end of this blog post, we are going to give you the best pipe material, then you are highly mistaken. There is nothing like the best smoking pipe material, and it all comes down to personal preference. So, instead of discussing the best smoking pipe materials, let’s get familiar with the different pipe materials.

Types of materials used for making pipes


One of the most popular and widely used materials for making pipes is wood. Even when you will go to buy a pipe from a Danish pipe shop, you will see that most of the pipes are made from wood. Wood enhances the smoking experience, and since it is very durable, it is considered as one of the best materials for making pipes.

One of the most popular woods used for making pipes is Briar. Although there are many reasons for using Briar for making pipes but the most popular reason is it adds flavor to the tobacco. In addition to this, Briar is also highly resistant to heat.

The highly porous quality makes Briar a perfect wood for making smoking pipes. Since Briar is very durable, it is perfect for those people who love carrying their smoking pipes everywhere.


It is basically a type of mineral that is found in Central Turkey. The plasticity of this material allows pipe makers to carve it into any shape. Just like clay, this unique material was used for making smoking pipes before the introduction of wood. The sea color of Meerschaum and its lightweight feature makes it perfect for making pipes.

Meerschaum has become a scarce mineral in the modern era, and this is why all the smoking pipes made from this rare mineral belong to the luxury category. Even the process required for making pipe from Meerschaum is very complex, and this raises the price further.

The porous nature of the material allows smokers to have an exceptional smoking experience. If you are ready to buy a luxury looking smoking pipe and don’t mind spending some extra money, then you can go with Meerschaum smoking pipes without any doubt.

Corn Cob

If you are looking forward to a cheap smoking pipe without compromising on your smoking experience, then going with pipes made from corn cubs will be a better idea. Before being used, the cobs are first dried for at least two years, and then they are hollowed out by experts for being used as the bowl of the pipe. A plaster based mixture is used for giving the required smoothness and finish to the cub. The shanks that are used in these types of pipes are basically made from pine wood.

Since cub pipes don’t require any type of break-in period and can be bought at a pocket-friendly price, they are famous and widely used by smokers. Many people call cub pipes a beginner’s pipe, but the smoking experience offered by cub pipes is not limited to beginners. Both experienced, and newbie smokers can enjoy smoking from cub pipes. You can easily buy corn cob pipes at this Danish pipe shop.


Clay pipes might have become very rare in the modern era, but there was a time when clay pipes were the most used pipes all over the world. For making clay pipes, only white clay is used, but cheap clay pipes can be made from porcelain. Making a good quality clay pipe is undoubtedly a labor-intensive process. The pipe maker needs to beat the air out of the clay before giving it the shape of a smoking pipe.

One of the main reasons why clay pipes have become very rare in the modern era is that clay burns easily and gets hot, and that’s why it becomes difficult for smokers to enjoy a smooth smoking experience with clay pipes. In addition to this, clay pipes are also fragile, and that’s why you can’t carry them everywhere.

You will need to choose the best smoking pipe material based on your personal preference, the way you use pipe, and the way you smoke. You will also need to consider your budget while choosing the smoking pipe material as different materials have different prices.

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