The 7K Metals Compensation Plan

7K Metals

provides precious metals in the form of rare collectible coins and custom jewelry. By signing up for a membership with 7K Metals, people can get access to these products at wholesale prices, as well as free travel discount cards and their own personal travel savings portal.

There are essentially two types of 7K Metals members – customers and associates. A customer has signed up with an annual autosaver membership and has access to the coins and jewelry they have to offer; an associate, on the other hand, also gets paid to market and sell memberships to potential customers. Points accrue when sales are made, and when enough points are reached, the associate is paid a commission.

Breaking It Down

Let’s say you decided to sign up for a membership and you’re ready to become an associate. Now you will begin marketing 7K Metals and developing your own network of associates who also do the same thing.

By getting, say, your best friend Matt on board, as well as your sister Sarah, you now have two associates on your sales team. You place one on your right side and one on your left. Now, Matt and Sarah go off to market 7K Metals to other people they know, and in turn, they do the same thing. This is how you build your network.

As an associate, each new membership in your network gets you 100 points. When you’ve accrued 500 points on both sides and two-thirds of them come from new memberships, you now qualify for a commission.

Remember, it’s not just membership sales that can accrue points – in addition to membership sales, associates are also able to accrue 20 points each time someone in your network purchases a coin of the month.

Not only that, but when someone in your network gets their own commission, you receive a 5% matching bonus.

Travel Savings Dollars

7K Metals members get even more than precious metals at wholesale prices and a network of associates that can help them reach weekly commissions – they also have access to their own personal travel savings portal and associated discount dollars. The number of travel savings dollars a member receives depends on the starter pack they sign up with. This offers members

the ability to find the best deal on a wide variety of vacation spots – including resorts and beaches – and to save money while on their trips.

Answering Some Frequently Asked Questions About 7K Metals

  • Question: So, what’s the catch?
  • Answer: There isn’t one – 7K Metals allows you to cancel your membership at any time, for any reason.
  • Question: What do I do when my membership is up?
  • Answer: Unless you decide to cancel, 7K Metals will simply reinstate your membership. You can also upgrade your membership as you go.
  • Question: How difficult is it to cancel your membership?
  • Answer: It’s as easy as sending an email. Just email 7K Metals that you want to cancel and they will cancel it.

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