Tests to Expect During a Fertility Evaluation

Many couples around the world hope to have children. The process of conceiving is purely biological. The male and the female have to mate for the woman to conceive. However, there are events where the woman may not conceive as early as expected.

If you take long before conceiving, the best step is to visit a fertility evaluation expert. You can visit South Charleston fertility evaluation experts to figure out what may be delaying the pregnancy. The facility has certified and qualified fertility evaluation experts that will help you find a solution.

What is Fertility Evaluation?

Fertility evaluation is a series of exams and medical tests that are carried on both you and your partner to find out the reason causing the delay in pregnancy. Fertility evaluation is important for couples that take more than a year trying to conceive a child.

You need to get a fertility evaluation if you are above thirty-five and take up to a year before conceiving. If you are more than forty years of age, you need to get a fertility evaluation if you fail to conceive in six months.

What do you expect during a fertility evaluation test?

· Semen analysis- The man may be subjected to semen analysis. Half of the infertilities around the world are caused by inadequate semen. Medical experts may look into some of the factors: sperm count, sperm clarity, sperm volume, and sperm morphology. The male is expected to avoid ejaculation for three days to get accurate results.

· Ultrasound- The ultrasound is useful in determining the ovulation and the condition of the uterus. The fertility evaluation specialists will use ultrasound to predict ovulation. The ultrasound can also check whether there are any scars or related issues on the walls of the uterus,

· STIs and Hepatitis tests- Many women that suffer from STIs and Hepatitis find it difficult to conceive. The test must be carried out to determine if the diseases are why you are taking longer to conceive a child.

· Hysteroscopy- A flexible tubular instrument with a light and camera is inserted into the birth canal to the uterus. The specialist looks at the cervix and the uterus to determine any unusual conditions.

· Blood and urine tests- Blood tests determine the progesterone levels and the level of egg supply. The progesterone hormone plays a huge role in the menstrual cycle. The doctors can determine excess levels of prolactin that are detrimental to your ovulation. Urine tests provide a simplified way of testing for ovulation.

· Thyroid tests- Thyroid is a factor that causes infertility in many women. Doctors will look at your Thyroid Stimulating hormone and test if it is high or low. The fertility evaluation doctors will prescribe thyroid treatment if you are diagnosed with any irregularities in your Thyroid Stimulating Hormone.

Visit a Fertility Evaluation Specialist

Visit the facility to get a fertility evaluation together with your partner. Most couples that visit fertility doctors conceive after getting treatment. Get a fertility evaluation and it could help you conceive a child sooner.

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