Shoes that make you look taller


You’ll randomly hear ladies say how they want their guys tall. Well, it is true even with guys. Most want their ladies tall too. In fact there is a myth going around of how short people may make your life miserable but of course it is not true, it’s just a myth. The truth is height is an advantage wherever you will go, and in most things you’ll do. That is why looking taller will always work to your advantage. Without taking anything away from short people, tall people are perceived to be better people. Short people are good as well, but, the fact remains, you cannot change how people look at things. elevator shoes make you look taller. This is not limited to short people only. Tall guys can also wear elevator shoes but you do not want to look too tall than obvious, that is why taller people should try elevator shoes with lesser elevation. It will complement their height very well.


There are different types of elevator shoes available in the market. Starting with sneakers, you have stylish shoes for all your social events. Sneakers come in different colors, look and touch. This gives you the freedom to choose the types of sneaker kicks you prioritize. Well, different people wear sneakers differently. The same people fancy different colors. Elevator sneaker shoes come in all these unique designs for everyone to choose their preferred set.


There’s a way you can dress elegantly that people won’t realize your goal was to adjust height rather than look classic. Boots give you that room. Other than height adjustment, boots give you a masculine look.

Why should you wear elevator boots? There are many reasons for this. Boots are huge and may tire you down. In spite of this, guys still wear them. You may have noticed more boots making it to offices, events and other functions today more than any other time.

Boots make you appear taller. Besides, they are more fashionably accepted today than any other time. This means, you will gain more attraction for wearing boots correctly. Part of this attraction will be influenced by the fact that you’ll be looking taller.

Elevator Loafers

I love loafers. Those kicks wow me. There’s one reason why. In fact, more than one reason. They will always stay fashionable and can be worn by almost anything. Whether you’re doing rugged jeans, plain jeans, khaki pants or even chino pants, these kinds of shoes will never disappoint you.

Black or brown loafers are sufficient. Whether your pants are grey, white, blue or whatever color, you can always wear loafers. Now, imagine this fact in addition to elevation. These shoes are also open enough, giving your feet enough room to breathe properly. This makes them even more comfortable.

Among all options, elevator shoes stand out as the greatest height booster. If you’re keen enough, you’ll notice ladies with elevator shoes on are more confident and often have a bossy look. This is because elevator shoes give them the power to feel on top of the world, and improves their walking posture which makes it easier to walk with pride.

The average elevator height is about 3.1 inches, but only you can know what serves you best. Elevator shoes can add up to 5 inches, or more, but you need to choose what you can wear comfortably. Check out these quick tips that’ll help you choose the right elevator shoes for yourself.

2.4 inch elevation

For women, this type of elevation is the shortest and comfortable. They come out best when worn with skirts. They save women the stress of having to carry extra sandals in their handbag when going for an event.

2.75 inch elevation

They are perfect for individuals who are ready to invest in elevator shoes but not so prepared to walk with very high elevator shoes. They’re very comfortable, and do little or zero damage to your feet. They are best for beginners. Anyone can comfortably put them on for long hours and can progress to wearing high elevator shoes.

3.1 inch elevation

The typical pair for a party or evening wears. It’s the ideal height for women who want to look attractive and get respect from everyone. They make short people invisibly tall.

Choose the right color

The color of your shoes is of great importance in your mission of getting taller. Neutral-colored shoes will make your legs appear longer, therefore, if you want your elevator shoes to perform its purpose more significantly, choose the right colors.

Wear your pants correctly

If you wear shortened jeans and you have a small height, you’ll appear even smaller. Go for high waist jeans or fold at the bottom to adjust your height and look taller.

Go for lace up shoes

These are the trendiest shoes you can have in your wardrobe. Their cover-up gives an impression that your legs are long even when they’re not. They give an impression of elongated ankles and give you the height you have always wanted. They will always work for you.


Everyone is amazing just the way they are but if wearing shoes that add height makes you look the best version of yourself, go for it. You don’t have to be short if there are ways to appear taller. Hopefully, this article has given you satisfying hacks on how you can look taller by wearing the right shoes! elevator shoes will always work for you any day any time. Select the right angle of elevation and you’re good to go.

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