Rappers Who Are Known For Their Tattoos

In recent years, the face of hip hop has shifted drastically as rappers achieved popularity via SoundCloud. Artists are often easily identifiable with face tattoos that symbolize everything from occult knowledge to cannabis culture — as well as bold commercial campaigns targeted at generating power. This current wave of self-made rappers also left the labels historically provided by artists in the past who were tattooed. The selected symbols are more esoteric, denominational, impulsive, and insecure than face tattoos which are symbols of gang culture, crime, and criminality.

Most people would warn you never to ink your face if you intend to pursue some job, but other people don’t believe or have gained enough money to really do what they want. Rappers, for instance, don’t really worry what others think about them and aren’t afraid to invest their money on anything they want or like. For e.g., face tattoos are something these people prefer to wear with pride. Here are ten rappers who go up and down and tattooed their mouths.

Rappers with Tattoos:

The Game:

The Game, a famous rapper and gang figure, got a sign for Los Angeles tattooed for the longest period on his right eye. The tattoo is now somewhat fading, but was still vivid and colorful – red when it was.


Who is XXX, Tentacion

? The late rapper’s tattoo XXXTENTACION brought numerous feelings and hardships shared in the independent art culture of today to reality. During his brief yet highly popular career, he watched fans assemble numerous bits around his forehead, speaking about his own moral values and mental difficulties. While the rapper passed away in 2018, the icons that adorned his face live remain as a graphic reminder of his job. In memory of X, a number of his fans have chosen to ink these same icons as a nod to the singer on their arms.

One of X’s earliest and best established facial tattoos was the phrase “alone.” When asked what this tattoo X meant, he replied, “Single is the best idea for me. Actually, alone is my idolatry. You are always single, individuals whether in partnerships or within a thousand citizens. The citizens don’t know your deceit. The citizens do not known of your crimes. No one knows your background, no one knows your emotions, so nobody understands you. We’re all lonely, thus.

Wiz Khalifa:

Wiz Khalifa is still very young, but he has made a massive rap career and does not want to slow down. However, on his hands, he has some tiny tattoos around his eyes and a few still on his forehead.


Without worrying of the late underground rap star Lil ‘Peep, you can’t remember face tattoos. The best-known emo-rappers tattoo is the word “crybaby” carved on his eyebrow in cursive. Peep clarified the significance behind the tattoo at an interview with Montreality in April 2017.

Apart from his signature crybaby design, he also received an unforgettable patch on his head on one of Hardy’s journeys to London, from the design hero Ed Hardy. This particular job was originally produced in 1980 as a poster art for supporting the display of Dean Dennis, a famous tattooist with Lyle Tuttle as a mentor.

Schoolboy Q:

Schoolboy Q is one of today ‘s greatest rappers, and his music made him so popular. Having said that, the man has several facial tattoos, including two small pieces under his eyes, that make him stand apart from others.


Although Tyga does not have the biggest face tattoo ever, he is also renowned for the two above his eyebrows. Both of them are now somewhat fading, but nevertheless legible and distinct from non-tattooed performers.

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