What Is The Net Worth of a Flipstick?

The flipstick is a universal phone mount for your car’s dashboard that lets you mount your phone on multiple surfaces. In addition to being compatible with different phones and adjustable depending on the size of your device, the adhesive is also reusable. There is a one-year guarantee to replace a FLIPSTIK if it breaks, fades, or fails to stick, which makes it a must-have upgrade over traditional mobile phone mounts. The idea of the Flipstik was very interesting, due to its strength and structure. Akeem developed a device featuring a comfortable handle designed with a triangular shape that makes it easy to carry even when the box is full of stuff. Its compact size allows users to carry the box in various ways. Moreover, end-users are impressed by the 360-degree maneuvering and locking mechanism that makes it easy for them to move their things around with minimum effort.

On which materials flipstick can work

With the flipstick, you can stick your phone to wood walls, leather, mirrors, metals, car dashboard screens, glass, and just about anywhere else. If you have to watch a video or used an app on your phone while cooking at home you already know how useful it can be. But carrying around a bulky mount system isn’t ideal so that’s why we developed the flipstick.

Flipstick as a tool to boost photography

A new product is the flipstick, which helps you get better pictures off of your smartphone. The easy-to-use device allows you to put your smartphone at any angle, whether it be above or below, offering up a new perspective on self-portraits. 

Last update of flipstick net worth 2022

Business founder nameAkeem Shannon
Brand nameFlipstick
Net worth of the brand25 Million $
CountryUnited States
IncomeAnnual 5 million dollar
Last update2022

About the founder of the Flipstick

Akeem Shannon is the inventor of Flipstik, an innovative business idea he created at a young age. While studying at Temple University in Philadelphia, Akeem started his company, a fintech company that supported mobile devices. The company was successful; however, he found that he wanted something greater out of life. He wanted to be his boss and eventually sold the company. Akeem then moved to Phoenix, Arizona, and founded Flipstik Company.

A couple of years prior, St. Louis business person Akeem Shannon had an issue. He expected to mount a TV to the wall, however, he thought it was a colossal burden. He needed to have the option to place cement on the rear of his TV and stick the TV to the divider. That thought came after an early morning discussion with his uncle in October 2017. His uncle functions as an electrical specialist at NASA, and he was depicting a material that assists make things with staying. 

Shannon’s struggles to mount a television inspired him to create a product that would give people the ability to easily stick or remove an object from their wall. With his idea and curiosity, he asked his uncle if he’d be able to help prototype that idea.

A flipstick inventor has come up with a universal smartphone accessory that could change the way people use their phones. Flipstick, designed and created by 28-year-old Shannon Kennedy, is a device that adheres to the back of a phone and allows users to stick it on any flat surface or use it as a kickstand.

Where is the founder of flipstick now?

In 2017, Akeem started his company and named it Flipskip Inc. Today, a patent and trademark of Flipstik has been obtained and the product has entered the market. In addition, the founder is raising funds through a Kickstarter campaign to secure core funding for the mass manufacturing of this product. By September 2018, the total amount of pledges received by this campaign is estimated at 10 times higher than the original goal.

Akeem additionally visited different organizations like the KIPP St. Louis School to advance his youngster business and support business among youngsters. The youthful money manager is supporting Flipstik’s popularity by requesting that online media powerhouses advance pop and get compensated. Its true Instagram page oftentimes shares famous photographs that purchasers click on “bother free”, all gratitude to Akeem’s thought!


Akeem founded flipstick in 2022. He didn’t have enough money to start the project. His goal was around 1865$. Visitors were encouraged to donate cash to make the project a reality. They did and Akeem launched flipstick on Kickstarter, with a goal of 20,000 dollars. The startup raised 250,000 dollars within 12 hours.  Within a month, Akeem raised over 10 times his original goal with his donation campaign.

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