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Flipstik is a phone holder that uses synthetic setae to stabilize the phone, and currently Flipstik Net Worth is way more than it was in 2019. Two entrepreneurs, Shannon and Brian, created the product after they saw how often their phones were getting knocked out of their hands while filming video footage. They wanted a way to keep the camera steady without worrying about holding on to it themselves.

The Flipstik is made with synthetic setae and tiny bristles that adhere well to most surfaces. This allows users to place their phone on any flat surface and have it stay in place- no matter how much shaking or movement around it. The best part is that this adhesive technology works great even with wet fingers or gloves, making it perfect for cold weather conditions or outdoor activities like snowboarding or skiing! 

The Flipstik has been featured on Shark Tank and has since become one of the show’s most popular products. It was also named one of TIME Magazine’s Top 25 Inventions of 2016.

What Is Flipstik Phone Holder? and Who is Akeem Shannon?

What is Flipstik?

Flipstik is a phone holder that uses gecko technology to stick to any surface. It was created by Akeem Shannon, inspired by NASA’s synthetic setae technology. The holder consists of two pieces: the main mount and the kickstand. The main mount attaches to the back of your phone with 3M adhesive and has a 180-flip hinge so you can easily attach it or remove it from surfaces. The kickstand flips out from the side of the main mount and doubles as a clip, allowing you to attach it securely to belts, pockets, or anything else thin and sturdy enough.

Who Is Akeem Shannon?

Akeem Shannon is an entrepreneur who founded Flipstik after being inspired by NASA’s synthetic setae technology. He holds degrees in business administration and engineering from Florida A&M University (FAMU) and has been featured in several publications for his work on Flipstik.

Flipstik Shark Tank Update

When Akeem Shannon pitched his invention, Flipstik, on Shark Tank in November of 2020, he was looking for a $100,000 investment in return for 20% equity in the company. After explaining how Flipstik worked – a space-technology-based adhesive device that allowed users to attach their phones to any surface – Sharks Lori Greiner and Daymond John were both interested. 

Although other Sharks like Barbara Corcoran and Kevin O’Leary weren’t as convinced by the Flipstik Net Worth or Shannon’s sales pitch, they could see its potential. In the end, Lori Greiner offered Shannon $100,000 for 25% equity in the business which he accepted. With this investment from Shark Tank, Flipstik has seen continued success and is now Flipstik Net Worth valued at an estimated $400K.

Who Is the Founder of Flipstik? – Akeem Shannon Shark Tank

There is no definitive answer to this question as the company has not released any public information about its founding or operations. However, online research indicates that Akeem Shannon founded Flipstik, which first appeared on the market in late 2016. The product appears to be a reusable adhesive phone holder which can attach to surfaces such as walls or tables, allowing users hands-free use of their devices.

Flipstik caught media attention when it was pitched on Season 9 of Shark Tank, where entrepreneur and investor Barbara Corcoran made an offer to invest in the business. It is unclear whether Shannon accepted her offer, but the product listing states that “the Sharks loved [it]”.

Flipstik Net Worth Before Shark Tank

Flipstik is a unique product that has the potential to be extremely successful. It’s essentially a phone mount and stands all in one, which makes it incredibly convenient and useful. Akeem did an excellent job promoting Flipstik before Shark Tank and securing pre-orders for the product. He also competed in the CES Retail Pitch competition and won first place! This demonstrates that he has what it takes to make his business successful.

However, there are some areas where Akeem could improve. For example, he may want to consider expanding his market beyond just consumers. He could also target businesses, as they would likely find Flipstik useful for displaying information or advertisements on their phones. Additionally, Akeem should continue working on developing strong relationships with retailers; this will help increase sales once the product launches more broadly. Overall, though, I think Akeem has done an impressive job with Flipstik thus far, and I believe he has what it takes to be successful.

Did Flipstik Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

There’s no doubt that the entrepreneurs of Flipstik had a great experience when appearing on Shark Tank. Not only did they secure a deal with Lori Greiner for 25% equity in their company, but according to reports, their appearance on the show increased traffic to their website by 400%. But was this good enough to be considered a successful outcome?

First, it’s important to understand exactly what Flipstik is. The product is essentially a reusable adhesive strip that can be used to attach cell phones and other devices securely onto surfaces like glass or metal. This comes in handy while watching movies or YouTube videos hands-free, as well as during workouts or outdoor activities where you don’t want your phone flying out of your hand! 

So how does this compare with some of the biggest deals made on Shark Tank? Securing $100k from Lori Greiner isn’t too bad – especially considering she usually invests between $50k and $250k into businesses she believes in. And at least one previous entrepreneur who appeared on the show has walked away with an even larger investment; Matt Marcinek (of DropStop) managed to snag half a million dollars from Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran. 

What Happened to Flipstik After Shark Tank?

After appearing on Shark Tank in early 2020, Flipstik Net Worth experienced great success. The company was able to secure funding from the sharks and quickly began expanding its business. Within 18 months of appearing on the show, Flipstik Net Worth had reached its goal of 400 stores across the United States. This growth was due in part to the popularity of the product – Flipstik is essentially a phone case and tripod hybrid that allows users to take pictures or record videos with their phones more easily. As such, it found appeal with both consumers and businesses alike.

Today, Flipstik Net Worth continues to grow at a steady pace. Annual revenue has continued to increase and now sits at around $5 million. The company is currently focused on expanding its distribution further, beyond North America, into Europe and other parts of the world where there is significant demand for smartphone photography products.

Flipstik Shark Tank Update

There is no doubt that Flipstik has been a major success since it was launched in 2018. The company’s website reveals that an enormous range of SKUs is being sold, which can only be a positive sign for its future growth. However, there is still room for improvement; notably, the products are not yet available on Amazon, which could limit their reach to potential customers. Nevertheless, with Lori assisting him with online marketing and expansion into new retail outlets such as Target, Flipstik looks destined for even greater things in the years ahead.

However, Flipstik still faces some challenges going forward. For one thing, the company does not currently sell its products on Amazon, which is by far the largest e-commerce platform in the world. This means that potential customers may be unaware of Flipstik’s existence or unable to purchase its products online easily. Additionally, as Flipstik expands beyond physical retail outlets into other markets (such as sporting goods stores), it will need to create compelling marketing materials and promotional strategies to differentiate itself from entrenched competitors.

Is Flipstik Still in Business?

Yes, as of June 2022, Flipstik is still in business. The company has not released any new updates or information on Flipstik Net Worth since appearing on Shark Tank a little over two years ago, but that doesn’t mean they’re not still operational. Lori Greiner assisted the founder in developing his online presence and increasing visibility for the product – though it’s worth noting that at present, you can only buy Flipstik products from the official website (Flipstik.com), which does not yet have an Amazon storefront. 

Whether this will change in the future remains to be seen, but given how saturated the market currently is with selfie sticks (of varying quality), it seems like a tougher sell than ever. Nevertheless, there’s undoubtedly demand for such a product, and if marketed correctly, Flipstik could make some real headway into becoming one of the leading players in this industry segment.

What Is the Net Worth of Flipstik?

Flipstik debuted on Shark Tank in Episode 721 – which aired on December 13th, 2019. During their pitch to the sharks, co-founders David Barnett and Cody Riddle revealed they had already secured $400,000 in pre-sales for their product. This would suggest that at least 1/3rd (33%) of Flipstik’s total valuation has been generated from sales volume alone (assuming all units have been sold at full price).

At a conservative estimate of $10 per unit x 400k = $4 million in lifetime sales thus far, it’s reasonable to think that currently implied Flipstik Net Worth is upwards of $5 million. And given that global spending on selfie sticks will reach over US$1 billion by 2021, there’s still plenty of potential growth left for Flipstik if they can corner even a small percentage of this increasingly competitive market segment. Read out this article Bobby O Jay for more information about his career and net worth.

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