How to Improve Women’s Healthy Living

It takes a lot of courage and favor to be a woman; it is not easy. I mean from monthly periods to childbearing and other body changes that happen all the time, not to mention your career and life. There is so much for women to bear.

Their health is therefore critical to ensure at least the smooth running of their lives. Nathalie Gutierrez-Prieto MD, at Women’s Healthcare Physicians of Naples, commits to providing compassionate women care for better and fulfilling lives. Call in today for your consultation.

You can expect to receive top-notch and undivided care in all their obstetrics and gynecology services, including:

Annual Well-woman Exam

Well-woman exams should be the starting point of every woman when it comes to preserving health. It helps detect any potential health risk, thus preventing you from health conditions and issues. It also allows the provision of early treatment, preventing any complications.

A well-woman exam appointment also gives you a chance to talk with your provider about your concerns regarding your health, family planning, and others.

A well-woman exam at Women’s Healthcare Physicians of Naples includes the following services:

· HPV vaccine

· Blood tests

· Breast exam

· Pap smear

· Birth control

· Pelvic exam

· Menopause care

Weight Loss Management

A large percentage of women struggle with weight loss affecting their quality of life. Excessive weight puts your health at risk of conditions such as:

· Heart disease

· High blood pressure

· Type 2 diabetes

· Stroke

· Osteoarthritis

· Sleep apnea

Extra weight also affects your reproductive health. Getting pregnant may be a struggle if you are pregnant. The weight may also affect your pregnancy, putting you at risk of early labor.

The Women’s Healthcare Physicians of Naples offers personalized weight management programs for women to help them reach a healthy weight. It may involve the following:

· Exercise

· Calorie control

· Lifestyle modifications

· Nutrition review


About 10% of all women worldwide have endometriosis. Hence, it is hard to talk about women’s health without mentioning the issue. Besides affecting their quality of life, it also interferes with fertility.

It involves the endometrium or the uterine lining growing outside the uterus. Endometriosis may have the following symptoms:

· Chronic pelvic pain.

· Painful bowel movements.

· Severe lower back pain.

· Painful menstrual cramps.

· Pain during or after sex.

· Pain when urinating during menstrual periods.

Your provider offers treatment such as hormone therapy or surgery to relieve the pain and improve your living.


Menopause results from changes in hormone levels. It is a different experience for every woman, but you are likely to have the following symptoms:

· Low sex drive.

· Vaginal dryness.

· Night sweats and hot flashes.

· Mood changes.

· Painful intercourse.

· Difficult or frequent urination.

Menopause also puts women at risk of health issues such as urinary incontinence, bone loss, aging skin, heart disease, and vaginal atrophy.

Menopause is essential to help manage your symptoms and sustain healthy living.

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Regular obstetric and gynecological care for women is essential to enhance a healthy and fulfilling life. Though it is hard being a woman, preserving your health can come a long way to making your life better. Contact Women’s Healthcare Physicians of Naples to schedule your consultation.

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