How I feel After Shop from Shane Dawson Merchandise Store ?

Millions of you out there Lasher became obsessed and fascinated by the doctor series with Jeffrey star and Shane Dawson and I’m going to confess before these series came out it’s the first one in the second one. I wasn’t subscribed to either of their channels that will change when they did their first docu-series I was so intrigued to see this huge new world this huge beauty community.

It blew my mind at how somebody with literally nothing built this huge empire so when season two dropped and they did the whole journey of the conspiracy palette from initial ideas right up to the end we physically buy the item although I’m not going to buy Jacket and Hoodie from Shane Dawson Merch I just found it so fascinated and so inspiring.

So motivated of all the hard work that went into all the different elements and yeah I just took my hat off to both of them because I just think Jeffrey Shan and drew the whole of the team at Jeffree star cosmetics and kill emerged like these guys are on top of their game. if anything it just really inspired me and I’ve now become obsessed with Shane and Jack free a follow them on all the social media channels. I follow their every move and yeah every day they seem to amaze me with the launch of the makeup palette shame also released new merchandise let’s be real when the first drop came.

it was impossible to get anything however recently he restocked a lot of the items and also came out with a few new items that kind of caught my eye especially the black win why – the Shane Dawson T-shirt was $40 shipping was $11 and then on top of that I also had to pay an import tax of 15 pounds.

I thought I finally got on the screen both in dollars and in the UK so watching the documentary I really loved I think to be a crazy person. I love the branding aspect of it and all the finer detail of the box the tissue paper the boxes were going to be wrapped in like. Everything was just uh so pleasing to the eye and so when I ordered this item I was really excited to get it in my hands and really kind of inspect all the elements first impressions.

When it arrived I’m not going to lie I was a little bit disappointed so I’m going to put more dress it just came in a plain white plastic bag. I really thought that it would have if a shined Orson’s logo on there or maybe killer merch logo on their it .literally doesn’t say anything Connie Oh again I’m actually really surprised that it’s just a clear plastic bag with the main voice on their okay I’m going to try some and let you know my thoughts.

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