Here’s why you need an L&I pension attorney!

When we think of the word ‘pension’, we usually assume it’s about retirement benefits. L&I pension, however, is different. Under the workers’ compensation system of Washington State, a worker, who has been injured at work or has occupational disease that prevents him from returning to work can apply for L&I pension benefits. There are three important things to understand in this context –

  1. L&I pension is only available for someone who is never going to find gainful employment because of the injury, disease and other factors.
  2. The benefits of L&I pension are dependent on time loss rate, which means factors like wages at the time of employment, age, education, and Social Security benefits, influence the received amount
  3. L&I pension benefits are not taxable.

Should you hire an L&I pension attorney?

While when you can file your claim for benefits on your own, working with an experienced service like The Walthew Law Firm can be useful. The claims process under the workers’ compensation system is extremely complex, more so when you want to file for L&I pension benefits. Proving that your injury prevents you from finding work ever in the future is the hardest task. You need an experienced L&I pension attorney, who can take over and offer the right advice on the matter. Your attorney will do the following –

  1. Conduct a comprehensive review of the L&I pension case
  2. Explain how the L&I pension system works and your rights
  3. Investigate the matter, to ensure that your L&I pension claim is worthy
  4. Take necessary steps to establish your claim and get fair benefits under the system

Finding an attorney

Not all attorneys have the experience of handling L&I pension claims, so you need someone who is experienced, known, and has a team of skilled juniors too. There are selected law firms in Washington State, who specialize in L&I pensions and other aspects of the worker’s compensation system, and they can take care of the documentation, evidence, and paperwork, so that your claim is entertained. They will also have an aggressive approach, where needed, to ensure that the benefits you get under L&I pension system are worth what you deserve.

Check online now to find the best-rated attorneys in Washington State for L&I pension claims now. Don’t forget to check for reviews of these law firms, and if needed, you can ask for references, as well. A good lawyer can simplify L&I pension for you and your family.

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